A Second Chance

From the Admin: Just a note, the redacted segments of this transmission were that way when it was sent from The Artifact to Earth. Apparently not even ASO Command is allowed to know the information? Perhaps the eyes that this was meant for know enough to fill in the blanks? I don’t know, this is an odd one.

Report by: Redacted – Top Secret

Position: Redacted – Top Secret

Assigned Objective: Redacted – Top Secret

Purpose of Mission: Win the trust of Kelrath in the city of City Redacted

Progress Report: This is an ancillary cultural report for other Position Redacted in the field. My contact had me witness an interesting ritual today. The Gijorn seem to have a very different culture from the rest of Kelrath society. There was an incident where a low ranking Gijorn was caught stealing from a superior. I was told that there would be a judicial meeting to determine his fate and I was invited to attend.

I was taken down into the tunnels below the city where we were greeted by several Geetin of Battle who were guarding a pit that housed a single Chezbah Warrior who was stripped of everything. When I asked why he was kept alive I was assured I would find out soon enough.

After several minutes four very wide Gijorn came down carrying a tied and stripped Kelrath. Apparently the Gijorn thief. They cut his ropes and waited until a Gijorn commander came down and pushed the thief into the pit.

What came next was a brawl between the Chezbah and the thief. The thief lost, badly. The Chezbah Warrior didn’t stop until the thief was dead.

When I was asked why the thief was executed this way I was told that he chose this because if he won he would be set free. I imagined this was some kind of a contest in the form of a ancient judicial championship fight but it appears it was simpler than that. If he was able to beat the Chezbah he was too valuable in combat to execute. He would have been flogged and set free.

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