Download The Artifact RPG

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Character Sheet 3e

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Quick Character Cards Fast reference for creating characters.

Player Handbook Cover

Download the Player’s Handbook 3rd Ed

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Tortuga Web

Download the Tortuga setting book for corporate and civilian game ideas.

The Fringe

Download The Fringe (Draft) setting book for in orbit action and methane wastes game ideas.

Check out The Artifact Swag for more fun stuff!

Introducing new players? Use the Basics.pdf or the The Artifact Introduction podcast
The Artifact Quickstart is now available to get a feel for the game.


The Artifact Low Energy Soundscape by Joachim Heise
The Artifact Conflict Soundscape by Joachim Heise
The Chezbah by Joachim Heise
The Kelrath by Joachim Heise

Other soundscapes by Joachim Heise

Second Edition Materials

The following resources may have some compatibility issues with the current version of the game but most stats and information are still useful. These will be updated over time.

Want to keep all the rules in one place? The Artifact GM Screen Or the ePub GM Reference

Source Books

Random Encounter Tables  Random Generation Tables.pdf  Updated to 3rd edition!

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