On an alien planet, without a home to go back to.

Welcome to The Artifact.

The Artifact started out with the question, what would a manufactured world be like to live on? Especially if most people didn’t live on the surface, but underground. After all, the underground of an artificial planet would be unbelievably immense. It was supposed to be a quick project but the answers kept on being so surprising, so counterintuitive and so alien that we had to keep going.

It had to be a world that Earthers were just starting to come to. Otherwise the characters would think nothing of living in this foreign environment. If they had always lived here, the players would have to be experts on how to live in a different way immediately. So encountering the environment had to be a first for the characters as well as the players.

But an empty planet is boring. If people from Earth didn’t build it, what should it look like and who should live there? We didn’t want standard humanoid aliens. We didn’t want us but with funny ears. We wanted alien. But if it’s too alien, humans wouldn’t find a home on this planet. So humans already had to be here? How? We weren’t sure yet. Did aliens come and harvest primitive humans off the Earth and bring them here? That would be pretty boring, but we’ll hold onto the real way they got to The Artifact for now. For now the displaced humans make for an easy familiarity in an uneasy environment.

Will there be aliens? Yes. Some one built the planet and they should show up at some point. It’s an issue of getting their technology right. I’ve had this concept of a alien race far beyond what a human is capable of but I don’t want to just wave a wand and conjure them out of nothing. I want to at the very least understand the principles of their technology. The Warp quickstart is a start in trying to describe this technology and applying rules to how it works. The Tortuga setting book expands on the possibilities and there’s more on the way but I really enjoy the way the game starts off very grounded and builds. It’s not power creep, it’s all about establishing a base line and then moving towards the goal.

So take a look into this dark underground world. What do you see? The game is free so there’s no reason not to pick up a copy and check it out.

How To Begin

Click on the Downloads link this gives you access to free PDFs. Once you have familiarized yourself with the rules in the book, you can hold games with your friends and family or take part in online games via chat or message board.

Who Are We?

photoWe are Store 32, come and see what else were up to. I’m Emmett, I do the writing and most of the art for The Artifact but there’s no way that I could do all this without help from my friends and family who are always adding new ideas and pointing me in the right direction. Some sanity check the rules, some point out my typos and most playtest. I couldn’t do it without them.

If you wish to get in contact with us, send an email or letter to. . .
455 Franklin Street
Irving, NY 14081


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  1. Brett Easterbrook

    HI, can I still buy a hardcopy version? links don’t seem to work…



    • Loc

      Hi Brette, a little publisher change there, sorry about that. Most of the books are now available again. Still waiting on approval for the character books.

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