The Armored Car

We’re in place to move on a Kelrath armored AG transport. Our informant says it is carrying a chemical agent capable of effecting Chezbah. I want twice my normal salary for this find, I’m about to spend a lot to crack this open and I want to be compensated. There’s also the hazard of transporting this stuff. I’m told it’s really nasty stuff. You know I’m not squeamish about this kind of thing but I’m told that if the smallest amount of the agent gets in the air, it’s all over.

We’re tailing the armored car for now. I’ll be able to make contact again in four hours. I need a yes or no if the usual buyers are interested or I’m scrubbing. These guys are twitchy. I think the leader is from the Rugen school so I don’t have long before he out maneuvers me.

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