Call To Module Makers

There are a lot of you out there that make modules for RPGs. Do you ever feel under appreciated? Would you like to do something official for a setting? I’ve been working on some modules but I’m also working on the site here and sourcebooks so I don’t have all the time I’d like to make them. Store32 is looking for module designers to make games for The Artifact RPG. If you like working self directed, that’s cool, we would want to make sure a module works with the world’s ‘cannon’. If you’d like some story ideas, we can send them your way and you can pick from them. We could also use some cartographers.

What Does It Pay?

Good question, it doesn’t but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t. The Artifact RPG is free, but modules could be sold on RPGNow. Store32 would post them and then do a profit share. The particulars can be worked out. Of course, if you’re looking to share them for free, that can be worked out also.

If you’re interested, email me at admin at store32 dot net

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