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The Procession

Chezbah City Web

Report by: Sergeant Alex Kronn

Position: Embedded Observer

Assigned Objective: Report on Chezbah activity in assigned city.

Purpose of Mission: To provide cultural and military intelligence.

Progress Report: Today there was a procession. My host explained that a pilot had distinguished himself in conflicts with the Kelrath.

He seems to be their ace pilot, turning the tide against incursion of much larger Kelrath forces that would have overrun the city. They’re showering him with gifts as he rides by. It’s easy to understand why the conscripts tend to be highly motivated to distinguish themselves.

I’m a day late with this one. I’m really happy with this because I’ve tried to do a picture set in one of the Residential Hex cities for a long time now but haven’t been able to pull it off. That added to showing something of Chezbah culture in a picture.

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Fighting In The Camp

Scim woman fighter Web

Report by: Captain Jason Grisonti

Position: CO, Victor Company

Assigned Objective: Protection of allies acting on or near the surface.

Purpose of Mission: To defend allied forces in the region.

Progress Report: While allied were conducting offensive maneuvers away from their home base, our position came under attack by Chezbah forces. Victor company performed well but suffered ten percent losses. Enemy forces consisted of several hundred Hounds, a dozen or more Warriors and four enemy E-Suits.

Our initial strategy of staying hidden outside of the allied camp seems to have paid off. Enemy forces appeared unaware of our presence at first. This may have led them to attack with a smaller force and were not ready for our E-Suits and tanks.

However, we were not able to detect the enemies movement until they were very close to the allied camp and some of the fighting occurred in the camp where our missiles and tank guns could not be used without endangering allies.

Even without their main fighting forces present, several of the allied civilians put up a good deal of resistance to the Chezbah forces as they entered the camp.

Intelligence says that the enemy is regrouping and will advance on our position soon. We will fall back to a secondary position that will have to remain undisclosed as of this message in case of interception.

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The Loyal One

This adventure can be for any group of player characters but is not well suited for a beginning characters.


The PCs are on a recon patrol of a remote area in Kelrath territory. They are helping establish the location of a base in the region by finding out where the Kelrath travel. They need to travel quietly and not alert any Kelrath patrols to their whereabouts in the process. The characters are equipped to be out on this area for several weeks.

The Favor

As the PCs are doing their recon, they find ample sign of Kelrath presence. Some roads are well used and occasionally it will seem that they have just missed actually encountering Kelrath traveling through the area. The need is for an area that the Kelrath do not use so the characters need to move on to fresh territory. After a day’s travel, with no let up on the signs of Kelrath presence the PCs need to find a place to camp. Somewhere undercover would be good. If there is a Scimrahn in the group they might be helpful in recommending a good place to sleep.

The players should decide ultimately where to stay the night but if they’re not coming up with ideas offer the following.

Staying out in the open would be dangerous, somewhere hidden would be preferable.

Tunnels in the floor could be used but they only leave two options for escape if discovered.

Camping out on a conveyor can be done but may cut off escape options. It’s better than a tunnel.

Camping in the buildings of a residential hex is possible but sometimes the buildings are crumbling.

Hiding inside the Hosent of industry hexes is an option but may have the same problem as the res hex buildings.

The character’s should have someone stand guard while the others rest. If there is a vehicle, leaving it’s sensors on to passively monitor may be a good idea. Have each player roll for their characters to see if they stay awake. They can use either their Con or Psy to pass this roll and the Iron Will skill if they have it.

If any fall asleep then a message arrives while they are sleeping. If no one falls asleep it can arrive on the last watch. It is a written message and it is sent by someone in the area close to the PCs. In very broken english it says “You are found but useful to me. Do what I say and you leave here safe. Stay here two days. Do not leave or I hunt you.”

The players will have to decide what they will do with this information. If a Communications Officer examines the transmission, a successful radio skill roll will reveal that the signal was sent by a Kelrath radio. If a quarter or eighth column is rolled, the Comm Officer will recognize that the signal was sent by a low power system that was very close to where the PCs are. Possibly only 200 meters away.

If the players do not decide to stay, go to The Hunt.

If the players decide to stay, in ten hours a single Kelrath Gijorn will walk directly towards the location the players are in but at 10 meters away, will put a piece of paper on the ground and walk away. If the PCs try to call out to him as he approaches, the Gijorn will put the paper on the ground and immediately walk away. He will not speak to the PCs (he cannot speak english at all). The note will say the following. “My loyal one is coming. You take him home and go in peace. He is not safe here. He come one more day.” Again figuring out what to do with this information is up to the players. If they do not listen go to the hunt.

The Hunt

The messages are being sent by a high ranking Gijorn. He is the equivalent of a general. At the moment there are ten Rall 4s in the region, several groups of 20 Geetin and the general in his Enhanced Variant Rall 3 (see The Fringe sourcebook for stats). If the players do not follow the instructions the whole force will be mobilized to track them down. One Rall 4 is within 30 Km. Others are farther away. Even if the characters can outrun the Ralls, there are more in any given direction that can intercept them. How many is up to the GM.

The Ralls have orders to detain the PCs not to harm them, much. The harder the PCs push the harder the Gijorn in the Ralls will push back. They don’t need all of the PCs, just one with a vehicle would be preferred.

The Act

Once the two days have passed, either because of the PCs volunteering to wait or because they are detained by the Ralls and Geetin, they will eventually see the Enhanced Rall 3 and a wheeled vehicle approaching. As it does, the Rall 3 will power up it’s shields. Through the loudspeaker, the pilot of the Rall 3 will say in english “You want my loyal one? You can not have him! I will defeat you!”

If there is an E-suit or tank in the group the Rall 3 will go up to it and start to punch at it (punches pass through shields). If there is no E-Suit or tank the pilot will exit the Rall with full Gjorn Armor on and declare “I do not need machine to beat you! I beat you with hands only!” and start boxing the largest PC.

This is an act. It is done with the Scimrahn so that observers will see some kind of a fight. The Gijorn will really fight but will not use any weapons unless punching is clearly ineffective. The more the PCs act like they are being hurt the more the Gijorn will let up. If the players try to use weapons, the Gijorn will do his best to disarm them but if that is not possible he will use the Rall 3s Plasma guns (which he can command remotely if needed), a knife or a Plasma Sphere depending on the situation. He will try to make it clear to the PCs that he is only there to fight with one of the PCs and the rest must watch. He may fire the Rall 3s weapons in between him and the other PCs if needed.

A turn or two into this staged fight, either by laser communication or by whispering it, the Rall 3 pilot will tell his opponent, “You steal him now, tell your friends.” He may say this several times. He means for other PCs in the party to break into the wheeled vehicle and take the occupant hostage. If the PCs aren’t getting the idea he will try again and again to indicate this is what they are supposed to do but only with limited english. If the PCs say anything about this over radio or out loud so that others can hear, the Rall 3 Pilot will proclaim that they will be defeated.

If at any time the PCs beat the Rall 3 Pilot, the remaining Rall 4s in the region (which have been closing in on the PCs) will attack.

Rall 3 Pilot

Full 1/2 1/4 1/8
CON 60 30 15 8
STR 50 25 13 7
AGI 70 45 23 12
REF 60 30 15 8
DEX 60 30 15 8
BTY 30 15 8 4
CHA 70 45 23 12
INT 50 25 13 7
IQ 60 30 15 8
PSY 60 30 15 8
HP 20

Once the PCs break into the wheeled vehicle (use the stats for an ASO transport) they will find an elderly Geetin in Geetin Armor. He will go with the PCs but will tell them “Make it look good” in Kelrath. Once the PCs have the Geetin, the Rall 3 Pilot will shout “No I will stop you!” but not make any other adjustments to his strategy he may even ease up. If the PCs use the Geetin as a hostage he will stop and declare that he and his men will leave if the PCs promise to not hurt the Geetin, refering to him as “My loyal one” in english.

The idea is for the PCs to escape with the Geetin. The Rall 4s will not attack as long as they have the Geetin and he is safe.


The Geetin has been an advisor to the Gijorn for many years. Recently he had to protect his master from an embarrassment which meant the death sentence for the Geetin. Because of his loyalty the Gijorn sent him out on one last task before his execution. The last task was where the PC’s intercepted and took him. The Geetin explains that they must leave and get away from the area or the General will not be able to protect them any longer.

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The Arc Loc

This isn’t a starter adventure like the other’s that have been posted. It would work for I-CA or ASO. It’s best for groups with scientists and engineers but even an all combat team would be justifiable.


The characters are brought in and briefed on an unusual occurrence. Nearly every teleporter on the planet has been getting wormhole communications from a unknown source for the last week. The protocol that is being used to initiate the communication is ASO but it’s been altered slightly. There are tiny communication glitches. The message is a “ready to receive” message from a teleporter. However there is no live operator response on the other end. (There’s no engineer there to answer the call.)

The communication is disrupting teleporter’s availability. Command wants to send a team to teleport to the source and find out what is going on. They don’t know if this is a enemy trap or a technical malfunction. It should not be possible for a single teleporter station to store all the wormhole coordinates on the planet. Even teleporters that have moved are still being contacted which should not be possible.

Because this may be a trap, the players are able to request up to three times their normal equipment. E-Suit pilots are permitted to take two optional weapon systems.

The characters have to wait until the rogue signal contacts their teleporter again. Briefly describe the boredom of waiting. They have to be on the teleporter to be ready. Offer the characters one XP worth of a skill that could be learned while on the teleporter pad.

It’s up to the GM if they want to say the PCs are the only ones that are looking to be sent, or if there are hundreds of other teams that are also waiting and the PCs just happen to be the ones sent.

So the signal eventually comes in and the PCs are teleported out.

Scene 1 – The Warehouse

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In The Dark of Night – I-CA Startup Game

Beginning I-CA characters are teleported from Earth to the outskirts of Gadios but teleported to a colony that is being constructed. The colony is starting a food supply in an agri hex but they will be dependent on the teleporter for months. They also have work of gathering materials for construction projects and are trying to get Hosent up and running for manufacturing. To do all this they need a civilian leader, the India faction of the group has insisted on a democratically elected governor for the settlement to coordinate the projects. There are slightly less than four thousand settlers and some Scimrahn. There are two platoons assigned to the camp.


The colony is brand new and is only a tent city. There is razor wire strung along the perimeter to keep out animals. The whole setup is very basic and the colonists are making improvements every day. The lights are cycled on and off for day and night.

Give the characters appropriate responsibilities as they arrive. If the players are footsoldiers or pilots they could be stationed as police and guards etc. Scouts could be sent out to survey the local area or look for Hosent that may have parts they need. Scientists and Engineers may be employed in the agriculture or the manufacturing process. Comm Officers can be busy coordinating the garrison. However don’t spend a lot of time discussing the particulars of their jobs, they are mundane. If a player wants to get into their daily tasks describe them and then repeat it every day.

While the players are doing their jobs they hear of the heated election between four factions in the colony from casual gossip. Give them a little information at a time and let them ask for more. The India faction is united around one candidate named Daruka and so is the China faction on their candidate named Geming. These are the two major factions but it seems that the Indian candidate will win as there are more colonist from India in this settlement. There is also a coalition faction from the arab countries and a very small Korean faction that may just end up supporting the China faction but they are split on a few issues that they are holding out on. If the Korean faction joins the Chinese faction the race will be very close.

The election is to be held in two weeks. The players will have little to do with it other than learn about it, so don’t spend a lot of time on it after they get the basic idea.

Scene 1 – An Abduction

The action starts when Daruka and his wife go missing. The players are new so they wouldn’t likely be heading the investigation but they should be involved in it. Scientists and medics are especially useful at this stage.

Daruka’s tent shows obvious signs of struggle there are even small drops of blood found around the tent. If the players make a Int roll they will see that two bodies (obviously Daruka and his wife) were dragged away. Tracking is very difficult because of all the people that have gathered around the tent already and so any attempt at tracking gets a 80% Impairment. If the player does make the roll they can follow the drag marks toward the edge of the settlement but the marks are quickly erased as they go along a heavily walked path at the perimeter of the settlement.

The India faction immediately blames the China faction for Daruka’s disappearance and hostility becomes very high. If there are footsoldier players, they will be called in to police the settlers and might have to break up fights in the streets.

Scene 2 – Chaos Spreads

Over the next few nights there are more people taken from the camp in the same way. Most are Indian but some are Chinese. Two are taken each night for the first two nights. The GM can break up the ethnicity of the victims as is desired. The players should have the same chance for tracking with each victim.

If one of the players is an Engineer or has Structural Recognition they have a chance to notice that the razor wire perimeter has been modified so that it can be opened and closed by simply pushing on a section of it. A Int roll with a 40% Impairment will notice some blood by the razor wire here and a simple Intuition roll will notice wheelbarrow traffic away from the camp.

The players can now either repair the fence, follow the wheelbarrow tracks or set up a stake out to watch the fence. They may also come up with any number of other courses of action.

If they repair the fence or set up a stake out, the abductions happen in a different section of camp. On investigation they find the fence altered similarly.

If they follow the wheelbarrow tracks they find a pile of human manure around the corner of a small doorway just out of sight of the camp. If the players investigate by waiting by the pile they will find that a chinese colonist has been hauling manure from the latrines here. He knows about the break in the fence and says that there are many of them that the colonist made to more easily move in and out of the camp. He says he has noticed that some of the fences were opened in the mornings and just assumed someone was sloppy about closing them.

In the meantime the camp is erupting into chaos and policing work is becoming more and more difficult. Violence is becoming worse and worse as retribution killings start to take place on the third day. However the colonist organize their own armed garrisons and begin guarding at night. There are accusations that the military are trying to influence the elections.

Scene 3 – Monsters!

On the fourth night, an Egyptian man is found crying out in the street, bloody and badly injured. He is babbling about some kind of monsters that got into his tent and dragged him away. He is badly wounded in his head arms and legs by some kind of animal bites. A scientist with a biology roll will be able to find that the teeth marks are from an animal that is about the size of a dog but the teeth marks are more like that of a sharks teeth. The head wounds are likely why the previous victims did not cry out at night. The animal makes a killing bite crushing the skull and then drags the victim off. If the players consult a knowledgeable Scimrahn in the camp, he will name the animal as Seeter. Only reveal this if the players ask for the help of the Scimrahn.

At this point a scout arrives and reports that he is seeing movement all over in the next hex but he his having difficulty seeing what it is. If they players go out in vehicles to investigate they will find hundreds of Seeters moving toward the camp. The hex is a dark Residential Hex. They are spread out in and around the buildings and some of them are in adjoining hexes. This is a Seeter migration to their nesting grounds they spread out to better find food. The group is far larger than the average swarm as many swarms have joined together on the trip. There are near two thousand Seeter. The last few nights have only been the advanced scouts. At the sight or sound of a vehicle they will hide in buildings if they are nearby. The players should have plenty of chances to kill a few Seeter here and there but soon realize they are very close to the settlement already.

Not all the colonist are in the razor wire perimeter. Many are out farming and many are working on Hosent. If the players spend too much time killing Seeter these will be the first to be attacked without warning and there will be many casualties. It’s up to the GM to decide wether or not to warn the players of this or let them make the mistake of taking too much time before reporting back.

If the Seeters get to the camp en mass they will frenzy and charge the fence. Many will get stuck in the razor wire but more will charge over them and into the camp. The colonists should actually be able to make a stand against the Seeter inside the fence since they have already started a garrison.

Evacuating the colonist by teleporter is not an option as it is too slow.

It may be useful to the GM to have infantry rules for the Seeter and the colonists or the GM can play it by ear. There are no starting Agility modifiers for either the Colonists or the Seeter so start their Modifier Hits/Act at zero. Tracer rounds are distributed to the platoons. If the players help out the colonists by giving them help picking targets and coordinating them the group of one hundred the player is helping gets modifiers based on the player’s rolls. The player character rolls to hit normally and the Fraction Column is noted as this will decide the bonus to the colonists. Then the player makes a Charisma roll plus their Command skill if the character has it. If the Command roll passes, then follow the chart below for a Modifier Hits/Act for the colonists.

Fail Full 1/2 1/4 1/8
-15 +10 +15 +20 +30

Nearly 60% of the colonists are capable of fighting. That leaves 2400 Colonists to fight and two I-CA Platoons.

Colonists 24 groups of 100
Psy 20
AR 0
HP 1000
Act 100
Speed 5 Km/h

Act/Turn Weapon
100/Turn Shotgun

Modifier Hits/Act
+80 1/1
+20:+70 1/2
+10 1/3
0 1/4
-10 1/5
-20 0

Seeter 40 groups of 50

50 Seeter
Psy 30
AR 0
HP 450
Act 200
Speed 20 Km/h

Act/Turn Weapon
50/Turn Bite
150/Turn Claw

Claw or Bite
Modifier Hits/Act
+60 1/1
+50:0 1/2
-10 1/3
-20 1/4
-30 0

Vehicles like tanks and E-suits have mixed effectiveness because the Seeter are spread over a wide area. Each artillery attack from these vehicles will kill 1D10 Seeters.

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Example Mission – Are We Enemies?

The characters, may be new or experienced. If they are new, the GM may want to introduce them through Gadios or they could be teleported out immediately although this is not necessary for this game and urgency may actually hinder the story.

The characters are sent out to aid a Scimrahn industry tribe called the Foetsh. Their commanding officer is given a strange bit of information before leaving. The Foetsh very reluctantly agreed to be helped. Usually Scimrahn quickly accept any help offered. The Commanding Officer has orders to stay with the tribe for two weeks to take care of any medical or defense issues they may need. A Platoon of footsoldiers, a TF-2394 and a tank is sent with the group. If any of the player characters are Footsoldiers, E-Suit pilots or Tank Pilots, then they are part of the platoon sent.

Scene One – Needs Of The People

The characters are teleported in to a small outpost and then loaded onto transports (or trucks if I-CA) and then drive for seven hours to the Foetsh tribe’s location. There are no encounters during the trip.

The Foetsh tribe manufactures Sensor Spikes. The tribe is located on the top of thirty Hosent in an industry hex on the fifth floor of the hex. This is a poor tactical site since it is very difficult to escape from but they players may not notice this unless they make a successful military intelligence roll. There are two hundred men and three hundred women and about six hundred young children.

When the players arrive they are greeted by the children of the tribe who look healthy but their clothing is very worn. Beginning characters may not recognize anything odd but these children are unusually noisy and rambunctious for Scimrahn children who are usually taught to be silent at all times. Any Scimrahn characters will immediately recognize this and are likely to be appalled by the noise. A character with Scimrahn Culture and makes a successful roll against it will also recognize this.

The children mob the player characters and those with them. Unless they make an Int roll some small item will be pick pocketed from them.

The Matriarch and Enforcer are very young and come out to meet the PCs next. They are pleasant but will occasionally ask why the players have come. If the PCs say to help them they will reply “But we’re doing fine.”

If there are Engineers in the PC group they will notice that the poor defensive location the tribe is in but that they are in a good position to maintain the Hosent on top.

The first job that the Earth forces are to carry out is to give the Fotesh medical attention. The players may be called on in getting people to come to the clinic set up by medics. If there is a medic character, the PCs are tasked with going to the Scimrahn that will not go to the clinic. Otherwise the players will need to deal with trying to persuade the Scimrahn to come. This could be used by the GM to explain Scimrahn culture to new players or if the players are experienced and already know the basics of Scimrahn culture, then this could be a time to have some lighthearted fun with odd situations.

Once the primary job of taking care of immunizations and medical treatment is over with, the task of the commanding officer is to assess the needs of the tribe when it comes to protection.

Scene 2 – Protection

The players may ask at some point why the Fotesh are unconcerned with protection. The question is likely to be avoided if they can avoid it. If the players are too forceful the Fotesh will act offended and remind the PCs that they are only there as guests and that the tribe did not ask for them to come.

After several days of rounding up tribe members for medical attention an alarm is sounded by an ASO E-Suit Pilot. There are sonar contacts approaching. Further investigating will reveal the sonar contacts are Kelrath and are headed directly for the tribe. There are eight Rall 4s and a cargo Zemot. The commander will scramble combat personnel to set up defensive positions. The players should be brought up to the point where they think they will be engaging the Kelrath in combat but at the last moment are told to stand down. The Kelrath will arrive soon after and the PCs will not have time to flee. Any fleeing characters will be fired on. The Rall 4 loudspeakers will boom out orders in the Kelrath language. Without a successful Speak Kelrath roll the players will not know what the orders are. The order is of course to put down their weapons and surrender. The Players have been told to stand down, so they should surrender. In addition, it should be stressed to them that they cannot do much damage to a Rall 4 on their own, unless they happen to be a tank pilot in which case, tell them that there are friendly forces too close to the Kelrath to safely engage them with their cannon or missiles.

The Commanding Officer (CO) gave the order to stand down because the Enforcer and the Matriarch insisted that they could talk the Kelrath into letting the Earthers go. In reality, they were only hoping that they could. This may factor into the discussion on the Scimrahn helping as things progress.

In a short amount of time the Enforcer will come out and meet the Kelrath. He will speak in the Kelrath language. PCs will have to make a successful Speak Kelrath roll to understand him. He will say “They are passing through and will leave soon! You do not have to concern yourselves with them!” A Rall 4 will respond over the loudspeaker “They are not allowed here! You have violated our boundaries!” Again a Speak Kelrath roll is required to understand him. Each time someone speaks in Kelrath a roll must be made to understand them. The Enforcer will then say “We had to allow them here for a short time, they have medical supplies that you can take with you!”

The Kelrath will pause for a few moments at this. If there is a Comm officer PC they will intercept a communication that has a low grade encryption (5 BP). It is unlikely that a single Comm Officer will be able to crack the encryption in the given time but there should be three of them in the platoon. For the GM however, the Kelrath are discussing what to do about the medicine and how to take any medical personnel with them. They will also decide that the rest of the Earthers should be sent to a CCC quarry for slave labor.

The Scimrahn will be told to separate any medicine and medical personnel from the group. The GM may have the players be identified as medical personnel since they were rounding up Scimrahn for treatment. Further they are told to strip the Earthers of any weapons and keep them from escaping. The Scimrahn will reluctantly follow these directions.

Scene 3 – Escape

The Kelrath do not have the ability to move the whole platoon. Two of the Rall4s will leave to get more vehicles to bring the Earthers back to the Quarry. At this point the PCs will have the opportunity to try and win the Scimrahn over to their side. The primary concern is that the Kelrath have been protecting this tribe and the tribe sells to them. They will be afraid of loosing the Kelrath protection and their food that they bring to trade.

This is a prison break/hostage escape situation. The primary danger is the six Rall 4’s that are left. The players have 14 hours before the Rall 4s that left return with cargo vehicles.

The Rall 4 pilots are all Gjorn. The Driver of the Zemot is a Kaloord. The Kaloord will drive away as soon as the the stand off starts and will remain outside the camp until he is given the all clear. The Rall 4s will alternate duties every two hours. Two will circle the area in opposite directions. It takes fifteen minutes for them to make one circle around the camp. Two will stand guard over the Earthers and the other two will leave to where the Kaloord is and get out of the E-Suit and rest. Scimrahn will also stand guard over the Earthers but they are reluctant guards and will be sympathetic.

The Rall 4 Pilots will not get out of the E-Suits while in proximity to the Earthers. They view the risk of infection as too great.

The PCs would be held in a open space between the Hosent. Since the Gjorn won’t get out of their Rall 4s they will rely on the Scimrahn to guard the Earthers and so they can talk. The PCs will have to be cautious about talking so that the Gjorn do not notice. It’s unlikely that the Gjorn can speak Scimrahn.

There are likely to be many ways to get out of the situation, the players should be left to explore any ideas of escape they may come up with however if there is an obvious revolt or attempt to run the Gjorn will not hesitate to fire.

The main point now is to convince the Scimrahn that the ASO or I-CA (dependent on who the players are) are able to protect them. Even at that, the Scimrahn’s way of life will drastically change. This is mostly a battle of the mind so Charisma and Psy will play a large part. The Scimrahn will at this point feel that they want to help but can’t anger the Kelrath

The PCs will have to convince the Scimrahn that they can give protection from the Chezbah and the now angered Kelrath. This will likely involve the idea of moving the entire tribe to a distant location.

This will require all new contacts and customers for their goods. This will have to be negotiated with the Matriarch. There would have to be assurances that a certain percentage of their goods (sensor spikes) would be purchased regularly. A successful bartering roll may be made to make this happen.

There should be one tank and one E-suit for the platoon. If the Scimrahn help, the player’s or NPCs can get back into the tank and E-Suit. However they would be hopelessly outmatched by six Rall 4s but could make a stand against two at a time if they time things right. In addition the Kelrath may surrender if they are isolated in twos (Psy roll). If they can group up in four or six they will fight.

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Starting Mission – Investigating the Ruins of Hef-elek-meser

This setting is for ASO or I-CA characters with some Scimrahn and Corporate characters if desired but could be modified to be played with an all Corporate group.

The characters can be new to The Artifact for this setting. It’s up to the GM if they want to go into detail on the character’s arrival. Starting characters would have arrived by teleporter some time before this mission and gone through several days of medical checks and waiting for an assignment but may not have been allowed to leave base due to medical orders. Possibly one character in the group or even an NPC tested positive for some common disease, was given a heavy round of antibiotics and now is clear. The other characters were in the same teleport batch and the group was locked down.


The characters are brought in for a mission briefing. They are being attached to a platoon that is present at the briefing. A Captain is giving the briefing.

Three days ago we received this transmission from the 139th platoon’s Commander Lieutenant Gary MacDonald. He plays an audio recording “Status report on the titan. It is still moving in a random pattern and stopping periodically. It’s course may bring it in contact with the Chezbah town of Hef-elek-meser. There have been two brief encounters with Hunter E-Suits that attacked the titan but we were not able to do any damage from what we can tell. The titan destroyed the E-Suits once with an energy blast and crushed another. We’ve kept our distance as it seems hostile to anything it encounters. Our engineers estimate that it’s mass is in the area of half of a million Kilograms from the ground impressions it has made and their displacement.We will continue to observe the titan and keep you informed.”

The Captain continues by explaining that the Chezbah town of Hef-elek-meser was destroyed by this “titan” an unknown class of vehicle. Lieutenant MacDonald’s platoon is still observing the vehicle and it continues to move away from the town. Command wants to investigate the ruins. Two platoons are being sent in. Your objectives are to rescue any survivors and to recover any intel on the Chezbah or their technology you can in the process. So far the Chezbah have not responded to the disaster but it is expected that they eventually will. If any substantial force arrives the platoons are instructed to retreat.

The two platoons being sent consist of 2 lieutenants 48 Footsoldiers 6 Medics 6 Comm Officers 6 Scouts (and motorcycles for ASO scouts) 2 E-suits and 2 Tanks and various transport vehicles. If the players made characters that are in this list, they make up one of the numbers here. If they made characters that are not on the list like Engineers or Scientists they are added to the list.

The characters are teleported out to a remote operations station that has been set up just for this mission. If there are any Comm Officers in the group it will be their responsibility to report in every two hours with the remote station. If they miss two reports in a row the remote ops crew will pack up and leave the area. The rest of the way they will drive in on Transports or trucks dependent on if they’re ASO or I-CA for another 300 km.

Scene No. 1 – The Rescue

The Town was comprised of two city blocks (See page 87 of The Artifact RPG for maps or Scout Maps for larger city block maps) next to each other. One was leveled, the other suffered heavy damage. The city block that suffered the most damage is mostly impassable. If there is a PC with the tracking skill (Scouts) they can figure that the leveled part of the town was used less. On a 1/4 or 1/8th roll the tracker will be able to guess that it seems like the garrison that was in the town, lead the titan vehicle away from the main habitation. The lesser used block is impassable. Every building is crushed, even the huge walls of the block have been cracked and portions of them melted. Any attempt to investigate it are futile.

The main habitation is also heavily damaged but not leveled. There is rubble everywhere and many buildings are cracked or melted but it is passable.

Every two hours of searching each character gets to roll a Intuition roll. Each character that passes can roll once on the three tables below. Each time the Comm Officer must report back to base and any rescued Chezbah must be prepared for transport. Medics can give first aid to Chezbah in shock or with minor wounds. Survivors with mortal wounds need surgery.

Survivors roll 1d100

1-50 No one found
51-55 Child found with mortal wounds
56-60 Child found with minor wounds
61-65 Child found in shock
66-70 Child found hiding
71-75 Teen found with mortal wounds
76-80 Teen found with minor wounds
81-85 Teen found in shock
86-90 Teen found hiding
91-93 Adult found with mortal wounds
94-97 Adult found with minor wounds
98-100 Adult found in shock

Minor Loot roll 1d100

1-30 Nothing found
31-40 Hand woven and dyed blanket
41-50 Tunic (Chezbah size)
51-60 Medium sized cooking pot
61-70 Hand carved totem
71-75 Warm Cloak
76-80 Small toolkit of hand tools
81-85 Hammered silver hat (worn by prominent Chezbah)
86-90 Woman’s silver & gold necklace (¥6,000)
91-93 Stash of Food (5 days of food)
94-97 Spices (¥12,000)
98-100 Chezbah Plasma Rifle(s) (roll 1D10)

Major Loot roll 1d100

1-50 Nothing found
51-60 Staff with a Brugha Gastrolith headpiece (¥400,000)
61-70 Food store house (20 days of food)
71-80 Big game hunter’s trophy room with many unknown specimens (pictures alone are of great scientific value)
81-85 Chezbah Plasma Pistols (roll 2D100)
86-90 Undocumented pet animal in a cage
91-93 Pouch of Chezbah medicine
94-97 Trained Pettok in pen unharmed but spooked.
98-100 Builder 42576 C-Suit (See The Fringe Sourcebook)

The GM should role play the rescues. Many of the injuries will be from survivors being pinned or buried in rubble. The Chezbah are likely to be frightened if they are conscious and will have to be coaxed to come with the characters (Charisma rolls). If there are characters with E-Suits or Tanks involve them in the rescues by using the vehicles to move large pieces of rubble out of the way. Engineers can be used to great effect here also, making sure that there aren’t cave ins.

The characters will search for ten hours before moving to scene 2.

Scene No. 2 – The Sniper

After long hours of searching the PCs will be tired and dusty. All should take INT rolls to start to notice that there are things moving around in the shadows. There are a group of Chezbah Hounds moving to encircle the characters. There are two for every character on foot and five for each in a vehicle. They will not attack right away but will draw the character’s attention. There is a Chezbah Warrior up in one of the buildings 400 meters away (long range 40% Impairment to hit and 20 points of damage with a Chezbah Warrior’s plasma gun) that will fire down at the characters. Since plasma fire is visible once he fires his position is given away.  Once he fires he will retreat and attempt to take up position in another building. The Hounds will attempt to distract the characters from pursuing him but will only attack if given an open opportunity.

This scene ends when the Sniper is dead or captured.

Scene No. 3 – The Kelrath Warband

A group of Kelrath have followed after the titan looking for spoil in its wake. The band consists of two Rall 4s four Kerdi and thirty Geetin in a skiff. If the war band is too much for the two platoons, then have small groups of Chezbah Hounds attack. The Kerdi and Ralls are not threatened by them but they will turn their attention to the hounds to protect the Geetin.

Once the players are winning against the Kelrath, they will receive a transmission from the remote ops station. A group of five Chezbah Demolishers are on their way to the ruins and will arrive in fifteen minutes. They are advised to evacuate back to the remote ops station with any survivors.

The Wrap Up

On returning, the characters will not be allowed to keep the items they have found (unless the characters can hide items with the Conceal Object Skill). They are to be turned over for study, as a reward for turning Major Loot items over, they receive an extra XP up to three for the session representing honor medals and rank increases.

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A Second Chance

From the Admin: Just a note, the redacted segments of this transmission were that way when it was sent from The Artifact to Earth. Apparently not even ASO Command is allowed to know the information? Perhaps the eyes that this was meant for know enough to fill in the blanks? I don’t know, this is an odd one.

Report by: Redacted – Top Secret

Position: Redacted – Top Secret

Assigned Objective: Redacted – Top Secret

Purpose of Mission: Win the trust of Kelrath in the city of City Redacted

Progress Report: This is an ancillary cultural report for other Position Redacted in the field. My contact had me witness an interesting ritual today. The Gijorn seem to have a very different culture from the rest of Kelrath society. There was an incident where a low ranking Gijorn was caught stealing from a superior. I was told that there would be a judicial meeting to determine his fate and I was invited to attend.

I was taken down into the tunnels below the city where we were greeted by several Geetin of Battle who were guarding a pit that housed a single Chezbah Warrior who was stripped of everything. When I asked why he was kept alive I was assured I would find out soon enough.

After several minutes four very wide Gijorn came down carrying a tied and stripped Kelrath. Apparently the Gijorn thief. They cut his ropes and waited until a Gijorn commander came down and pushed the thief into the pit.

What came next was a brawl between the Chezbah and the thief. The thief lost, badly. The Chezbah Warrior didn’t stop until the thief was dead.

When I was asked why the thief was executed this way I was told that he chose this because if he won he would be set free. I imagined this was some kind of a contest in the form of a ancient judicial championship fight but it appears it was simpler than that. If he was able to beat the Chezbah he was too valuable in combat to execute. He would have been flogged and set free.

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Voice recognition – Starting

Sound Database – Starting

Martin Thomas 94% – Mission report. We’ve crossed the region known as the graveyard. While in the graveyard I couldn’t report on our progress because of the periodic EMP bursts so I had to write my reports on paper. As soon as I can scan them I’ll send them in. In the mean time we found the source of the electromagnetic activity. Equipment that was built onto the plasma conduits act as a coil and an antenna. When a charge built up in the coil the system tripped and emitted the pulses. Our mission objectives did not include interfering with the emitters so we have left them undisturbed.

There is a section in the middle of the graveyard that the EMP does not reach. We are currently investigating this area with the idea that whoever built the emitters may be using them for protection.

We found a Hosent robot when we entered an agricultural hex. It’s just out here laying on the ground. The engineer says it’s circuitry seems to have been damaged by a pulse. He says he can bypass the damaged circuits and then I can try and communicate with it and find out why it’s laying out here. I’m

Sound – mechanical grinding – unknown sound

Jacob Davison 62% – Get back. It’s moving.

Sound – Hosent ultrasonic sonar 81%

Martin Thomas 74% – What’s going on?

Jacob Davison 72% – I don’t know. It just started moving after I bypassed a damaged circuit. My god. It’s standing up. Get the men back.

Martin Thomas 88% – Stand back idiots. You want to get crushed by that thing?

Sound – Hosent ultrasonic sonar 93%

Jacob Davison 45% – It’s not built like a walking robot, It shouldn’t know how to walk on it’s arms like that.

Sound – Parts Rubbing 82 db 60%

Jacob Davison 41% – It’s arm is failing, get away.

Sound – Impact thud 6 sources 40 db 30%

Unknown Speaker 3 sources – (shouting)

Unknown Speaker – It’s attacking. Fire. Fire. Fire.

Sound – G-82 Fire 14 sources 156 db 98%

Sound – AVW Launch 98%

Sound – AVW Detonation 172 db 98%

Unknown Speaker – It’s going down. Move.

Sound – Impact thud 78 db 40%

Martin Thomas 84% – Is it safe?

Unknown Speaker – I don’t know, wait.

Jacob Davison 15% – It’s moving.

Unknown Speaker – Fire.

Sound – G-82 Fire 12 sources 153 db 98%

Sound – ASO Transport Engine Start 50 db 30%

Sound – Impact thud 2 sources 45 db 25%

Unknown Speaker – (shouting)

Martin Thomas 21% – No. No.

Sound – Wind 63 Km/h

Sound – Impact thud 79 db 86%

Sound – AVW Launch 20%

Sound – AVW Detonation 30 db 20%

Possible microphone malfunction please check orientation and make sure the microphone is unobstructed.

Jacob Davison 11% – Thomas. Thomas. No. He’s gone.

Sound – AVW Launch 25%

Sound – AVW Detonation 45 db 25%

Sound – AVW Launch 41%

Sound – AVW Detonation 180 db 98%

No input 5 minutes – sleeping

No input 15 minutes – shutting down

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The Hounds

Report by: –

Position: –

Assigned Objective: –

Hounds everywhere I dont know where thyer comiong from. My PET malfunctioned or maybe i din’t do it right. Making me skic. Rescue me! The hounds just started showing up all around us and the rest of the platoon teleported out. I’m left here on my own. Hounds must have been dormant. They don’t give off heet usntil they start moving. I’m out of ammo. If no one comes soon I have only one grenade left. If any come I’ll take them with me. Please

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