Voice recognition – Starting

Sound Database – Starting

Martin Thomas 94% – Mission report. We’ve crossed the region known as the graveyard. While in the graveyard I couldn’t report on our progress because of the periodic EMP bursts so I had to write my reports on paper. As soon as I can scan them I’ll send them in. In the mean time we found the source of the electromagnetic activity. Equipment that was built onto the plasma conduits act as a coil and an antenna. When a charge built up in the coil the system tripped and emitted the pulses. Our mission objectives did not include interfering with the emitters so we have left them undisturbed.

There is a section in the middle of the graveyard that the EMP does not reach. We are currently investigating this area with the idea that whoever built the emitters may be using them for protection.

We found a Hosent robot when we entered an agricultural hex. It’s just out here laying on the ground. The engineer says it’s circuitry seems to have been damaged by a pulse. He says he can bypass the damaged circuits and then I can try and communicate with it and find out why it’s laying out here. I’m

Sound – mechanical grinding – unknown sound

Jacob Davison 62% – Get back. It’s moving.

Sound – Hosent ultrasonic sonar 81%

Martin Thomas 74% – What’s going on?

Jacob Davison 72% – I don’t know. It just started moving after I bypassed a damaged circuit. My god. It’s standing up. Get the men back.

Martin Thomas 88% – Stand back idiots. You want to get crushed by that thing?

Sound – Hosent ultrasonic sonar 93%

Jacob Davison 45% – It’s not built like a walking robot, It shouldn’t know how to walk on it’s arms like that.

Sound – Parts Rubbing 82 db 60%

Jacob Davison 41% – It’s arm is failing, get away.

Sound – Impact thud 6 sources 40 db 30%

Unknown Speaker 3 sources – (shouting)

Unknown Speaker – It’s attacking. Fire. Fire. Fire.

Sound – G-82 Fire 14 sources 156 db 98%

Sound – AVW Launch 98%

Sound – AVW Detonation 172 db 98%

Unknown Speaker – It’s going down. Move.

Sound – Impact thud 78 db 40%

Martin Thomas 84% – Is it safe?

Unknown Speaker – I don’t know, wait.

Jacob Davison 15% – It’s moving.

Unknown Speaker – Fire.

Sound – G-82 Fire 12 sources 153 db 98%

Sound – ASO Transport Engine Start 50 db 30%

Sound – Impact thud 2 sources 45 db 25%

Unknown Speaker – (shouting)

Martin Thomas 21% – No. No.

Sound – Wind 63 Km/h

Sound – Impact thud 79 db 86%

Sound – AVW Launch 20%

Sound – AVW Detonation 30 db 20%

Possible microphone malfunction please check orientation and make sure the microphone is unobstructed.

Jacob Davison 11% – Thomas. Thomas. No. He’s gone.

Sound – AVW Launch 25%

Sound – AVW Detonation 45 db 25%

Sound – AVW Launch 41%

Sound – AVW Detonation 180 db 98%

No input 5 minutes – sleeping

No input 15 minutes – shutting down

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