Fighting In The Camp

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Report by: Captain Jason Grisonti

Position: CO, Victor Company

Assigned Objective: Protection of allies acting on or near the surface.

Purpose of Mission: To defend allied forces in the region.

Progress Report: While allied were conducting offensive maneuvers away from their home base, our position came under attack by Chezbah forces. Victor company performed well but suffered ten percent losses. Enemy forces consisted of several hundred Hounds, a dozen or more Warriors and four enemy E-Suits.

Our initial strategy of staying hidden outside of the allied camp seems to have paid off. Enemy forces appeared unaware of our presence at first. This may have led them to attack with a smaller force and were not ready for our E-Suits and tanks.

However, we were not able to detect the enemies movement until they were very close to the allied camp and some of the fighting occurred in the camp where our missiles and tank guns could not be used without endangering allies.

Even without their main fighting forces present, several of the allied civilians put up a good deal of resistance to the Chezbah forces as they entered the camp.

Intelligence says that the enemy is regrouping and will advance on our position soon. We will fall back to a secondary position that will have to remain undisclosed as of this message in case of interception.

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