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In BRP games and in the Fraction Column System (FCS?) that use percentile die (1d100) in a roll under mechanic there is an inherent limit to skills or attributes.

I’d like to get rid of that limit. Mainly because there are certain monsters, equipment and effects that really should bring those stats over 100. They already exist in The Artifact when it comes to strength but how would you roll for a strength contest between two E-Suits with Strength stats of 800? It’s not practically done.

Once a stat has passed the 100 mark, there is no chance of a failure. FCS modifies this with fraction columns so that a roll contested by another character can be defended against but uncontested rolls would never fail. This caps the functionality of stats to 100. With roll modifiers as minuses (darkness, extreme range, etc.) maybe a stat as high as 200 would be desirable but most players don’t go that far.


I want to implement a system of scales in FCS but I don’t know how intuitive my approach is. My thought is if you have two stats that are over 100 they move up to the next scale. To prevent number confusion, the scales are lettered. So A scale is from 0-99. B scale is 100-999. C would be 1000-9999 and so on to Z.

So how would this work for a B scale contest? The players would roll against the two most significant digits on a 1d100. For our Strength 800 E-suits, this would be 80. If someone had an IQ of 120 they would roll against a 12 on the B scale.

If an E-Suit with a Strength 800 rolls against a human with a Strength of 30 both would roll against the A scale (and the human would loose 96% of the time.)

Contested rolls I’m fine with, I’m not sure how clear this concept is. I’ve been thinking about it for a while so it’s crystal to me, I don’t know what this looks like to others. Any input in the comments is appreciated. Monday I’ll get into the even hairier world of a skill check with higher scale stats.

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