We’re lost. The Eric’s laptop got smashed in a cave in and that had our mainframe map in it. Please stop giving him so much explosives, he uses way too much. I only have this I-CA communicator and I can barely figure out the functions, the manual is all in Chinese and I don’t know what language the other ones are, maybe Arabic. That means that even if you send us another map I won’t know how to use it or even if it can be used on this thing.

There’s supposed to be a Scimrahn tribe camped out for the next week somewhere around here but we’ve been searching for days. Eric’s truck is running out of fuel and my S-15 is starting to get a nasty wobble in the chassis. I told you I didn’t want anymore company refurbished equipment. At least get a Scimrahn repairman to show those guy’s how to fix these things.

I need the network jockeys to look around and see if the Scimrahn are sending any messages out. I know they don’t usually, but we’re not near any Chezbah, they might feel safe. It’s the only way I can think of to find them. I don’t think we can make it out of here unless we find them.

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