Information gathering on alien magnetic concentration technology

Report by: Warrant Officer John Hamich

Position: Field Scientist

Assigned Objective: Information gathering on alien magnetic concentration technology

Purpose of Mission: Magnetic concentration technology is used to confine magnetic energy into tight spaces. Normally, magnetic energy spreads out evenly as it moves through air or vacuum. The native populations and the technology in the planet itself use devices that cause magnetic energy to become tightly concentrated. This technology is a foundation technology of many of their devices.

Progress Report: We have made very little progress in learning more about the magnetic concentration technology that the aliens of this planet use. All three of the major civilizations use this technology in controlling the flow of plasma and in their shield technology but our Scimrahn allies and even some interviewed Kelrath have a very poor understanding of how it works. Even those that are in charge of building devices that use this technology do not have a good understanding of why it works. It would seem that current designs are simply copies of existing devices found in the plasma conduits that power the cities. Some interviewed offered nonsensical descriptions of how the devices worked but either their understanding of physics is far more advanced than our own or they have fabricated the explanations based on their own limited understanding. So far the former seems unlikely. There does seem to be some that can at least understand the science of designing new devices that use this technology in different ways because some devices have a different internal structure but so far we have not encountered such an individual. It may be that some designs are a result of trial and error.It would appear that this technology is left over from whom ever designed and built The Artifact. There is one more avenue of research that is possible but is currently not available until further diplomatic effort is made. The Chezbah are often considered to have advanced technology beyond that of the other two nations. It may be that they can answer our questions.

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