Hey Mom and Dad!

Hey Mom and Dad!It’s only been two weeks since we were deployed but it feels like forever! I know they show stuff about this planet on the news all the time but let me tell you, being here is so weird! We drive around on patrols for hours and hours. There is so much space here! It’s a vast wilderness! There is no night or day. That takes a lot of getting used to, it’s sometimes hard to get enough sleep but the medics are doing a good job taking care of us.I’ve met a bunch of the aliens! They don’t speak English, so I couldn’t really talk to them other than pointing at things. I got to fire one of their lasers! That was pretty cool! I cut a beer bottle in half with it. Actually there wasn’t much left of it, most of it melted.My Platoon has got some great guys in it. After we’re done with patrols we hang out and tell stories about all the things we’re seeing. Some of the stuff here is crazy! One of my patrols went into a place that was full of these building sized robots. They don’t really do much but we could hear them moving around in their shells. We dared a guy to go in one of them but he wouldn’t do it. I wasn’t about to either! There are these crazy pyramid mountains in another area. The freaky part is some hang from the ceiling. Driving under them is scary but they say they’ve been up there for thousands of years so they aren’t going to fall any time soon.Tell Amy that her big brother is waiting for her to enlist so he can show her around. It’ll be great to see her here.Miss you,Eric.

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