In The Immortal Words Of The Talking Moose

“Do you know where Steve Jobs is?”

I was introduced to that name by a little animated moose that would hilariously attempt to speak what you typed in it’s window. It would also randomly say a collection of phrases, one of which was the above.

Of course I was already using a Mac and I remember looking at the Lisa with my father at some kind of computer convention. I just didn’t care back then who was behind the devices, I just used what my dad brought home. I remember making character sheets for Star Frontiers on MacPaint. I typed my first RPG on a Mac (and every RPG after that) and printed it on our laserWriter.

I didn’t become aware of the name Steve Jobs until we were playing with the Talking Moose and I was trying to figure out what it was saying. I asked my father and he told me that the man that created the Macintosh was forced to leave Apple computer. I remember being annoyed at that.

I think Mr. Jobs is the Henry Ford of our day. Henry Ford did some amazing things and was also a little nutty. Steve Jobs may not have been forcing immigrants to renounce their homelands but he did stick to some odd ideas. He also used his odd ideas to revolutionize computers and by extension, phones and tablets. I seriously doubt Apple will be able to bottle the edge of crazy that Steve Jobs had. You either think like that or you don’t.

I can still hear the sound of that warbly voice asking the question.

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