GM Screen Art Update

GM ScreenI’m still plugging away at the GM Screen art. I’m learning a lot of little tricks for the painting process. I don’t know if I could put them into words though which is what I’ve wanted someone to do for me so I could have a primer on how to do this. Part of the trick is to learn how to get the basic form of a figure down, then slowly refine it. It’s something like throwing down a block of clay and then molding it with your hands.

You make this lump of a color that has something of the shape you want. Use the biggest brush you can to lay it down quickly. Then with a smaller brush and in a darker shade of the color you’re using, lay down sketch lines of the most basic shapes. Then you refine those sketch lines by using the original color with a medium sized brush. I think this is the weirdest step for me. I color over the shapes inside the lines with the airbrush tool. It cleans up the shaky lines that I get from the tablet and a small brush.

Then I use a lighter color and a really small brush to highlight lines. After that I use a burn layer to shade the shapes.

After that I repeat the refining process several times. Look at it from a lower magnification and try to pick out mistakes.

Getting There

I think it’s coming along. I still don’t think the scales are right for the buildings but they’re closer and unless I’m really ambitious, it’s good enough for me.

I think I need another Kerdi on the wall, and some more Hunter E-Suits behind the hounds. Besides that, I’d like a little rubble around the buildings, like they’re crumbling.

I ‘m looking at the perspective of the picture and thinking that it’s almost like you’re one of those Kerdi checking out the poor Scout and E-Suit. I wonder if I should paint in the back of a Kerdi hanging onto the building on the far right to emphasize that. What do you think?


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