Chezbah Medicine

The Chezbah are immune to most diseases and drugs. The nanotech that their bodies are infused with breaks down chemicals and greatly augments their immune system. For most Chezbah medicine as we know it is unnecessary. There is however a need for trauma medicine on occasion as most citizens and the Warriors do not have the nanotech for regeneration normally in their bodies. The reasons they do not possess the ability to regenerate is vague. The Chezbah philosophy is that the protections they do possess are gifts and not to question those gifts. Some Earth scientists have suggested that they may not have these abilities because it would make revolt easier.

Warrior Medicine Pouch

Chezbah Warriors will carry a small pouch on their belt if they are expecting to be without any kind of home base for an extended period of time. In the vast majority of cases, Warriors do not carry these medicine pouches but prefer to only use them when they return to base where there may be a small stock of them (1 for every 5 Warriors stationed at the base).

This leather pouch contains three auto injectors. Each injector has a single Chezbah word written on it. One says when translated, “Trauma”, another “Burns” and the last “Cuts”. Each one works in different ways to repairing damage of different types but all block pain at the wound site and promote fast healing.

The Trauma injector heals blunt force damage to tissue by rebuilding burst blood vessels and cleaning out blood cells that have leaked into surrounding tissue. It also builds a scaffold for cells to grow into to promote fast healing. The trauma injection can also rapidly knit broken bones back together.

The Burns injector seeks out charred tissue and uses it as raw material to build a protective barrier and and a scaffold for tissue growth. The nanotech also rebuilds or re-routes damaged blood vessels.

The Cuts injector seeks out air contact and when it finds it creates a foam that not only glues the wound shut forming a wound barrier, it re-connects the blood flow and attempts to rebuild damaged tissue. The cuts injector is what is used for projectile wounds.

Each injector will heal five (5) points of damage of the type indicated on the syringe. Only one of each type of injector can be used at any one time, using two Burns injectors will not heal any more than five (5) points of damage. If the character has sustained trauma and burns then both injectors can be used for a total healing of ten (10) hit points. If the character sustained all three types of damage then all three injectors can be used for up to fifteen points of damage.

It takes two turns from the time of injection to the Hit Points being healed.

The injectors cannot heal more damage that has not been done. For example if a character sustained a cut that does three (3) points of damage only three points of cut damage is healed and not the full five.

The nanotech also does not remove the requirement of surgery if the character has lost more than half their hit points. It also does not fully fix the wound, it only restores the body’s structure so that the user can continue functioning normally. Any Hit Points lost, must be healed naturally and they replace the hit points conferred by the nanotech. The user does heal faster than normal and can take a CON roll to heal every two days even without any other medical care or bed rest.

It is not known why the injectors work on non-Chezbah as the nanotech in them conceivably could check if the user has Chezbah nanotech in them. It is possible that the check could slow down the speed of the healing process and is therefore not used.


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  1. Tarnoc

    Seeing all the posts to do with the Chesbah, i can’t fathom not having the source book that is just about written at this point. It’s amazing how much we “know” and still how little.

  2. Loc

    I figured I’d do the development for the source book incrementally here and then put it all together later. We’ve been slowly opening up the Chezbah society and we forget that a lot of it is undocumented. When I remember, I’ve been posting little bits to correct that.

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