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I don’t toot my own horn very often but sometimes I wonder if people notice some of the source books. The Fringe is a funny setting book, not “ha ha” funny, I mean funny odd. It is probably the most referred to sourcebook, even if it doesn’t get a lot of love by playing the actual setting in our group. Players are always mentioning “orbital strikes” when the PC’s egos get too big. There’s just a lot of little tidbits in the book that you don’t want to miss.

What’s In This Book?

Dwellers – We get our first look at a minor civilization. This is an ancient group of people that struck out to live in one of the most hazardous environments imaginable, the Methane Wastes. They have adapted by wearing their Hard Suits at all times.

Orbital Combat – Who’s afraid of an orbital strike? Not Major Chan’s guys that are taking the emplacements head on! A fleet of ships and hundreds of E-Suits are in orbit and taking on the superpowers of The Artifact.

Mining The Wastes – Full rules for running Dweller ship and going out prospecting dagnabit!

Fringe Creatures – Strange life flourishes in this liquid methane environment. Why are they on the planet and why do they have almost half the underground designed for them to live in?

Famous People – The Fringe introduces a few movers and shakers. We’ll be doing some more of this in the Tortuga Setting.

New Vehicles – Rall 3’s, Pho’duks, Chezbah Interceptors, the first C-Suit (construction suit)

ICBM Stats – When you’re taking on giant orbital cannons, you need something with a little kick.

So Many Firsts

There are a lot of firsts in The Fringe because it’s the second sourcebook written for The Artifact RPG and it really set the tone for everything to come. There are a lot of ideas that get repeated in other books and in upcoming books (there are three under development now). Even if you’re not going to play the setting, there are ideas galore to flesh out your games.

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