The Hound Carrier

The main way to defend against a Chezbah Hound is to keep it at a distance. Normally an alert army can do that effectively with ranged weapons. That is unless they are flown in on a Hound Carrier. The Hound Carrier is the name given to this vehicle by Earth forces. The Kelrath call it “Black Vomit” because of it’s main attack method. The Hound Carrier disgorges thousands of Chezbah Hounds on top of unfortunate armies of the Kelrath out of it’s whale like mouth.

These vehicles are rare. Although slightly smaller than a Chezbah Cruiser, they are designed to travel through Hex doorways so can fly underground. It has a powerful front forcefield that is not a standard ion cascade shield. The technology in use is unknown an none have been captured for examination. The Carrier’s shield only covers the front firing arcs so the vessel backs out after delivering it’s payload of hounds. Unlike the Cruiser the Hound Carrier is not powered by ZPE generators. Twelve lasers defend the vessel from smaller craft but are not designed to fight other large ships like the Kelrath Freighter.

The Hound Carrier has only been used against large Kelrath armies so far. Because of this no specs are yet available.

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