GPA – And The Winner Is!

This has been a very hard choice with all the great entries! Interestingly, most of the entries describe a slightly different aspect of role play. There are some entries that are big concept, meaning they try to tackle the whole medium. My first thought was that I should prefer those entries because they apply to any situation. Then there are some entries that highlight that there is a wide array of choice in the market and players can hop between them as their interest takes them and that’s a really good concept to convey also.

Then it seems that to get really exciting other entries get into a quick scenario. That’s what this is all about right? Getting people excited about playing? Unfortunately by being specific about a story, we lose that all around universal concept. So on the one hand I like these and on the other hand they’re slightly less useful for everyone.

The other hard part is knowing the audience. Entries like this one . . .

Critical thinking, resource management, probability, asset optimization, strategic movement, negotiation – skills for real life, and skills for players. Make yourself a better person, one die at a time.

Might sound interesting to some but scary to others. Some look at mental exercise as work. I’m not one of those people but I’ve run into plenty that are.

My Favorites

So these are the ones that struck me the most.

Because you can’t put “last of their kind transhuman space-pirate destined to topple the empire” on your actual resume. – Chainsaw Aardvark

The young man in your arms is unconscious, but thankfully your superhuman abilities may get him to the hospital in time…when a fire breaks out between you and the ER. What do you do? – Dan Houser

There is one thing that differentiates these two. I think they’re both very good and exciting. The difference is that Dan’s get’s the person into playing right away by directly asking them how they resolve the problem. But is that good or bad? It might be good for someone that’s outgoing and confident. Someone that’s unsure of themselves might be frightened off by that. It sounds like a small distinction and it really is, I’m splitting straws here. Either one could get people interested (a lot of the entries would, again I’m going with what I think could work better).

Chainsaw Aardvark Wins!

I’ll be getting in contact with you to send you your prize! Again, thank you everyone for your effort!


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2 Responses to GPA – And The Winner Is!

  1. Thank You once again for choosing my entry.

    The books just arrived today (a bit sooner than I expected actually) and look wonderful. I haven’t gotten anything from Lulu before, and I am impressed.

    • Loc

      Thank you, and the other three entrants. This was fun, I’ll have to do more contests like this. I think I made the contest period unnecessarily long but I didn’t know what to expect.

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