Basics – Game Master

He's angry!I was going to do the Winning card next, but when I wrote it I found that I needed to introduce the GM card next. I’m a little bummed at that. I was hoping to have the cards independent of each other so they could just be handed around a table randomly. Next in the Basics series, the Game Master card.

Game Master

The Game Master (or GM for short) is a special type of player. There is usually only one in a group of players. The GM has the job of getting a game ready to play by making up things that might happen to the player’s characters.

When you want your character to do something, you tell the GM what you want to do. The GM will then decide if that is something that the character can just do or if there are rules that could be used to test if character can do. Walking around is not normally difficult and it’s something your character can just do, a backflip is much harder so the GM may want to use the rules to test if it can be done.

The GM will also control everyone that is not a player’s character. For example, if the players go into a city, anyone they interact with is controlled by the GM. The GM will speak for them and tell you what they’re doing. The players decide how they interact with other people.

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