Basics – Character

He's angry!Next in the Basics series, the Character card.


When playing the game, you make and control a character. This will be your character and no one else’s. If you’ve played or even seen a video game in the last twenty years, you’re already familiar with playing a character. The person, monster or whatever it was you controlled was a character. In an RPG you have more control over that character.

Most players treat their character something like you would a pet, you take care of it, teach it new tricks and get it toys to play with. Your character will ‘live’ on their Character Sheet. A piece of paper that keeps all the information your character can use to do things in the game. There is a lot packed in the character sheet because your character can do a lot. The good thing is, that once you get the hang of the character sheet, you’ll understand almost all of how the game is played.

The character sheet will help you remember what your character is like, what they’re good at and what they have so you don’t have to.

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