Survival Games – Rock Wall

For an explanation on how to use these stats, check out the original Survival Games post.

Rock Wall
A geological barrier blocks travel.  Traveling around it will take time, climbing up or down it could be dangerous.

Surmount Method: Bare handed climbing. Ropes, spikes and hooks but the rope has to get to the top somehow.
Surmounting Attribute: Strength

Full 1/2 1/4 1/8
1 2 3 4

SP 1 per 2 meters


For every failed Strength roll the characters face an exertion hazard. While climbing the character has to exert themselves this leads to muscles getting tired. They get a -2 CDF to Str and a -2 CDF to Con (or 5-6% of the attribute).  CDF penalties accumulate until the characters can recover for a period of time. While recovering, the player rolls for the character’s Con. A Full result means 1 point of Str and Con are recovered. A 1/2 result means that 2 points are recovered. A 1/4 result means 3 points and a 1/8 result means 4 points recovered. If the CDF penalties exceed their Con the character must be rescued off the rock face or fall if they fail another Str roll.

Random Hazard
For every survival round the GM should roll once on the following table.

Roll 1D100

1-50 none
51-60 Loose Rock
61-70 Overhang
71-80 Stretch between holds
81-90 Wet rock/moss
91-100 Ledge

Loose Rock
A hand hold or foot hold that looked sturdy breaks off. The Character in the lead of the group must make an Agility roll to recover or the strain causes a -2 CDF to Con. All other characters must protect themselves from falling rocks (1d6 points of damage). Using rope to climb does not eliminate this hazard.

There is a portion of the wall that angles outward. This makes the climbers rely primarily on arm strength. The characters must make an Agility roll or the strain causes a -2 CDF to Str and-2 CDF to Con. Using Rope eliminates this hazard.

Stretch between holds
The distance between handholds makes progressing difficult. The next Str roll to move up or down must be made with a -2d10 difficulty for all characters. Using Rope eliminates this hazard.

Wet Rock/Moss
A portion of the rock is slippery from moisture or moss. The next Str roll to move up or down must be made with a -3d6 difficulty for all characters. Using Rope reduces this hazard by half.

A small ledge allows the characters to rest and recover.

Defenses and Weaknesses
Defense: Impervious rock 10% chance
The rock of this cliff is very hard and driving in spikes to hold a rope is extremely difficult. If a character falls the spikes will not hold the rope in place and all the characters will fall.

Defense: Loose rock 10% chance
The rock of the cliff is loose and climbing by hand will cause rock fall after rock fall. Using a rope to climb is required.

Defense: Waterfall 2% chance
The only climbable section of the cliff is up a waterfall. This soaks the characters making them heavier and hand holds and ropes slippery. All Str rolls must be made with a -3d10 difficulty for all characters.

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