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Editing is now finished and I’ve ordered a test book. Lulu has dropped the use of PostScript files and that’s what I’ve been using to publish the books. I’m annoyed at that but they suggested a website called Zamzar that can handle converting pages files to PDF. I don’t know if Zamzar fully embeds fonts or if the file will be entirely kosher with Lulu so I’ll just have to wait and see how the book turns out. If all is well, I’ll publish the updated handbook.


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  1. HarryWhoIsReallySai

    Update specifications? 😉

    • Loc

      Oh, good point.
      The book is now 98 pages (100 with cover page and table of contents)
      The text is slightly larger. I can read the nine point font but some people have commented that it was too small. I upped it to 10 point which is only slightly bigger but the book would balloon to 200 pages if I made it 12 point.
      The Comm Officer’s guide and software is almost completely re-worked and is four times longer (but all the computer and software stuff is part of it now). There’s a ton of stuff on computer hacking that makes things easier and more interesting plus a new sensor technology called “Conduction Mapping”.
      Due to characters falling from great heights, players wanted parachutes. They’re now included in the survival gear.
      A lot of the pictures are higher resolution.
      The tunnel maps are updated and of better quality.
      There are also more Scimrahn words in the language section.
      Some equipment got minor updates to work with second edition like the VTOL drone got Barrier Points.

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