Second Edition Player’s Handbook Release

I’ve been talking about it for a while now. The updated Player’s Handbook is now available for download and as a print book. I was waiting for a test print to come back and it checks out. Zamzar seems to have worked well with the PDF creation process so two thumbs up!

Here’s the description on the back of the book.

This is the second edition of the bigger and better Player’s Handbook, an indispensable guide to The Artifact. Twenty eight pages brings the people and world of The Artifact to life with detailed descriptions from an ASO Field Scientist’s perspective. Native technologies are explained, allowing players to know what they’re touching and using. Twenty more pages detail the job of a Communications Officer and give stats and rules for hacking into computers and vehicles, including implanting viruses. The remaining fifty pages are a toy box for the players, packed tightly full of equipment and vehicles.

Here are some more pictures of the interior. Quality is standard Lulu fare which tends to be good. In the early days I had some bindings fall apart but haven’t had a problem with any of my newer books.

Table of Contents and First Page


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  1. Sai

    *insert epic music here*
    I like I like… I shall get soon. 😉

  2. Sai

    Btw offtopic but is the forum gone completly? 0.0 It could be useful for
    A) Keeping in touch
    B) Further progress of the game, and sharing overall idea’s in a more private fashion.
    C) Plans for taking over the world
    D) Disregard C
    E) Other


  3. Hi here – awesome job on these PDFs. I’ve just skimmed them for now, but it’s a great deal of effort to get this type of thing done. I especially liked the maps etc of the Artifact in the main RPG book.

    • Loc

      Thanks Nils, the maps have been the bane of my existence, I can’t ever seem to cover enough detail.

      You caught my attention with your post on Hope returning from Proxima Centauri the other day and it got me looking into your Voyagers 2 or Jump Route setting.

      • Cool! It’s nice to know someone actually reads it, hehe. I’m way too busy at work right now but I sure hope to work on it more soon. I am basically trying to “simulate” the setting. In very rough detail but I fully plan to do it in an iterative process. Should work out to great detail, but likely will take forever. 🙂

        As for the maps in The Artifact, they look fine to me, but I can see how as a creator you always want to do it better than it already is.

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