Skills Effecting Fraction Columns

Normally skills only add to the Full fraction column. This is mainly due to the nightmare it would be if you had to track a skill’s effect on the 1/2 1/4 and 1/8 columns and all the math that would slow down play. Ideally we’d like it if there was a less math intensive way of having skills factor into fraction columns.

A hack to make this happen has been thrown around but not fully tested. The hack is, that if a skill is +30 then all fraction columns get +5 (aside from Full which is getting the full skill value as is normal). The next boost comes at +60 for another +5 (+10 total) to the fraction columns and then at +90 for a total of +15. This is less than what the 1/2 and 1/4 column would get ideally but it’s easy to add and keep track of. In addition it’s slightly more than what the 1/8 column would get which is nice for the players.

Feel free to use this mechanic in your games, it seems like it should work but we keep forgetting to try it out.

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