Delivery of vaccines to Kelrath

Report by: Master Sergeant Alex Rodriguez

Position: Medical Officer

Assigned Objective: Delivery of vaccines to Kelrath

Purpose of Mission: To offer medicine in order to reduce the danger of a deadly outbreak among the Kelrath population of the city of Gerit.

Progress Report: Our mission met with extreme difficulty just trying to inform the Kelrath of our intention. We did anticipate this so a bunker and defensive positions were established to allow us to weather attacks. Special Vangard helicopters were prepared to launch leaflets on the fighting forces of the Kelrath. This had limited effect since we weren’t sure if the combat forces were literate in their own language.A secondary attempt was made with a remote controlled vehicle that was outfitted with loudspeakers. One of our Communications Officers has Kelrath language training and recorded a message that would be looped continuously. This attempt also had limited effectiveness because the Kelrath assumed that the vehicle was some kind of weapon and destroyed it.Of course we were constantly transmitting a message over radio but very few of the Kelrath are equipped with radio. There also seemed to be several Kelrath fighting vehicles that were jamming our transmissions.We were ultimately unsuccessful because we were unable to make contact with the Kelrath general population. The hope was to get the Kelrath combatants interested in the medical assistance we were offering. In the future it is my recommendation that contact should be made that will not result in a military response and then bring in the medical personnel.

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