Hello Mr and Ms Flores,

Hello Mr and Ms Flores,I’m afraid I have the one to be the bearer of bad news. Your son was sent on a mission to protect a certain Scimrahn Tribe. On December 30th, at precisely 16:43 we lost contact with the platoon your son was in. For the next 8 hours transmissions were sent with no response. At precisely 2:21 rescue’s teams were scrambled to their last known position. They found nothing. After more extensive searching, the platoon’s bodies were found… We suspect that an ambush of at least fifty to a hundred “Chezbah hounds” attacked, very deadly beasts, we deal with them quite a bit, and we have indeed lost a lot of men to them. There… I’m afraid there’s not much of the corpse we can salvage. The Artifact Study Organization, shall pay for all of the funeral needs. I give you my deepest condolences for your son’s loss, please remember, its a risk every man takes, when stepping in to this… “New Eden”.-We all due respect, Jim Packer

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