Tipping Too Far

Sometimes a good thing can be taken too far. In my last post I talked about improving the old art in the book for the new edition. It has slowed me down from finishing layouts but better looking art is a better looking book right? Absolutely.

At a certain point working on the art is counterproductive. I started work on the KS-10 picture and it was a three day project and it’s still not done. I’m trying a different technique that looks nice but takes a very long time. This is a minor image for the book, working this much on it blocks progress. I set it down for now to keep working on the rest of the layout.

A second tipping point I’ve reached, has to do with the number of pages in the book. I’m trying to maintain at least one picture for every four pages but this book is much larger than the old editions. This spreads the distance the pictures have to cover. Many of the pictures are of specific subject matter and they need to be next to the description of that subject or their reference value is greatly reduced.

What has happened is I’ve gotten all the way to the skills section and since I haven’t made pictures topical to the skills, there are very few images left to season the seventeen pages of text. I should have five pictures for this section and I have three. I’m working on a fourth now but I may leave it at that.

Once past the skills, the vehicles and equipment sections already have pictures so they should go quickly.


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  1. I know how this feels. Once my proof readers are complete on Icar, I will be updating some images and adding some large “plate” images into the book to demark sections (such as GM etc). It’s going to take a long time to do them all, mostly because I want all the renders to have higher detail and look better when printed black and white. It’s good that the vehicles and equipment sections are done though as that can be a black hole of time!

    Keep up the good work, Emmett, this new version is going to rock!

    • Loc

      Thanks Rob! Made a bunch of progress in the last two days. I might be ordering a test copy as early as next week!

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