Getting Progress Going Again

A lot of the progress that went into 3rd edition came from me musing about RPGs on the blog here. The problem that I have now is that I don’t specifically need ideas, I need pictures. I’ve thought about posting pictures on the blog here but I don’t think just posting pictures would be terribly interesting.

The deadline of posting once a day or even once a week gave me a good excuse to keep pushing forward even when I didn’t particularly feel inspired. I liked that, even if I didn’t use everything I wrote about, it still helped me refine a lot of ideas that in a round about way found their ways into the game. So how can I do that with pictures?

The answer has been staring me in the face. I originally started up the blog as a way of introducing some story elements of the game. The posts were supposed to be messages sent back to earth and were being leaked to the public. I called these posts “Transmissions”. I’ve done a few more here and there recently as in the post just before this one. Now I think I should do something similar to what I’ve been doing over on Steampunkfitters. Each picture I post will be part of a Transmissions entry, so each picture will have a story associated with it.

That’s kind of simple in retrospect but it’s something that’s stymied me for a bit now. I may post other kinds of posts in between, but for at least the next year, I’m going to post one Transmission post with an accompanying picture every Wednesday.

Time to get painting.

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  1. Yeah setting yourself a schedule is really, really good… Needless to say I tried several times, and failed. There are just time periods when work drains me of all energy I might have for world-building… let alone writing. I should set myself some sort of firm goal for 2013 either but I am hesitant lest I just miss my targets yet again…

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