Can We Still Make It?

If you’re looking at the Kickstarter, we’ve just picked up a few more backers, so that’s great! We still need a lot more obviously. So can we make the goal? At first look you might say, look, you’ve just burned through 20 days and only got to 13%.

However! Keep in mind that our funding goal is not unreachable. Other projects have reached our funding goals in a day or two. It is not impossible, although I do admit our chances are dwindling. So what does that mean? It means that if you haven’t backed yet, we need you to head over to the Kickstarter and put in a pledge.

Why be a backer? Well, you’ll get a great feeling that you helped the artists pay their bills. That’s the main thrust for this Kickstarter. You’ll also be able to say you helped make an RPG a success and be able to prove it because your name will be on the back of the book. In addition you’ll get a new and shiny game, maybe a PDF, maybe a hardcopy book depending on you pledge level.

So the answer is. . . YES! Let’s make this happen!

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