Dropping Behind

The Kickstarter got off to a pretty good start, the backers that put in their pledges so far have been far more generous than I had expected. They’ve also done a lot of leg work to get the word out. I can’t find enough good things to say about the backers that have pledged.

But The Artifact still needs your help! If you haven’t backed, even small amounts will help. If you can pledge $10 or even $1, it will help out immensely.

The book text is in it’s beta now and is available to all backers no matter what amount you pledge.


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  1. Sai

    Have you tried advertising around at all? Getting the word out on forums and such? 😮

    • Loc

      Oh, there are still plenty of efforts going to keep people looking but so far the most effective source of backers has been on blogs.

      I’ve put up posts in every forum I know of and even ones I don’t know of have had posts put up. Some of them I had to run through Google Translate to have any idea what was being said.

      It comes down to the fact that a blogger is a third party endorsing the game. When I say The Artifact is really cool, why would anyone listen? Of course I’d say that. If someone else reviews the game and says hey this is worth looking at, it gets way more traction.

  2. Emmet, add a big “Why are we asking for your support” type section right at the front. I understand you will mostly (or entirely) use the money for art, but it’s not 100% clear from the KS page itself. If people understand what you will use the money for, they may be less reluctant to chip in. I’ve been thinking about that – I pledged because I knew your game before you launched the campaign, but if I just stumbled across I might think “OK cool setting but he already got a game, a product, why is he asking for money?”

    Speaking not in the Artifact context, I generally don’t support project if they read as if the organizer is just asking for money so he can get money. I want to know how my support will enrich our collective culture – That may sound a bit over the top, but it does work at the small scale; there are many things I like and find valuable that do not appeal to the grand masses and I think that such niche works are especially deserving of crowdfunding because the big guys have other means available to them.

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