The Artifact 3rd Edition Alpha Draft

Since we’ve started the Kickstarter, I thought it would be a good idea to give an update to the rough draft that was posted a while back. If I’m asking you to support the Kickstarter, it would probably be fair to let you know what you’re supporting. Even the rough draft is quite old at this point.

The Artifact 3e

Character Sheet 3e

This isn’t the Beta yet because the rule set is not yet complete. I’m trying to tie hacking in with tech challenges system but I haven’t quite figured out the language of how to effectively convert Barrier Points that computers have, into Challenge Points. I have some ideas but it hasn’t clicked into place yet but I’m working on it.

There are a number of other things that this draft is missing. One is the awesome art that the Kickstarter is all about and the other is the maps. Although one of the artists is a skilled map maker and I’ll be looking forward to an important addition, the map section will stay mostly the same. They’ll be dropped in once the rule set is complete.

Until then, if you need art or maps to run a game, take a look at the Second Edition books for examples.

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