The Artifact 3e Kickstarter Is Live!

If you’d like to support a great game and help out a bunch of artists put food on their tables. . .

Please Support The Artifact Kickstarter!

We finally got the go ahead from Kickstarter and just launched. We have 30 days to raise the full amount of $5,000 dollars. After fees and unsuccessful cards that figure will probably be reduced to $4,500. Half of it will go to fulfilling the rewards and most of the other half will be going to the artists. If we raise more, it will go to getting professional editors and layout artists involved.

If you like what you see, even if you don’t like what you see, please spread the news to your friends!


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4 Responses to The Artifact 3e Kickstarter Is Live!

  1. Oh glad I decided to drop by. I’m in.

  2. Sai

    Alright woo! We got 500+ now. šŸ˜› I’m skeptical we will make the 5000, but we shall hope for the best.

  3. Loc

    Don’t count us out yet. These things tend to build momentum.

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