The Artifact Is Up For A SOTY

The Artifact RPG blog is up for a SOTY! Please help out and vote. A link to the voting can be found here.

The Stuffer Shack does this great contest every year to find new websites that are working to make RPGs great. Some of the things that this blog has worked on is try and tease apart what makes RPGs a uniquely enjoyable form of entertainment and how to communicate their unique strengths to those that aren’t yet players. Another effort has been to take other aspects of fiction that work well in traditional stories like survival situations and get them to work better in games.

One of the best ways to promote RPGs is to remove barriers to people picking one up and playing it. One way we’re doing that is to provide free games. Free is good right?


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    • Loc

      What day is The Free RPG Blog up Rob?

      I’m in there with Shaper and Maker, that guy rocks IMHO so I think my chances are greatly diminished.

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