Steampunkfitters Is Here

It’s time I let you in on that project I’ve been working on. is the website for the new game.

The basic book is about as rules light as I could manage without skimping on setting the basic mechanic of the game down. The idea is to have a basic version of the game available to start things off. Then, in time, develop an advanced book with more skills, animals vehicles, etc.

The game’s tagline is “Steampunk your way” and we mean it. The game is designed for you and a group to create a game based on story seeds that the players choose. The wiki is there to add elements to the game that you want to see there. If you ever wanted to have your artwork in a gamebook, now’s your chance! We’re openly taking submissions. I feel that artwork is vital to a game and so far we don’t have any yet. All contributors will get full credit for their work.

Why The Name Steampunkfitters?

From the game book.

A tradesman that works with steam pipes is called a steamfitter. In this game the players are putting together a story about the steam age with an emphasis on technology breaking through the culture of the day, thus the “punk”. Put it all together and you have Steampunkfitters.

So take a look Steampunkfitters is here!

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