Where Do They Come From?

The Lesser Seed (Chezbah Hounds) have baffled earth forces for some time. Early on special operations groups were sent out to try and find production facilities that made them but found nothing. Then earth forces would occasionally corner a small group of Chezbah, only to have a the Chezbah backed up by Lesser Seed ready for them. The Kelrath also comment on this in their writings, saying that the Lesser Seed spring up from nowhere. This fueled the suspicion that they were teleported in to an area from some remote site, possibly in the Collector Wells.

Recently a an I-CA scientist published a report on an autopsy of a Chezbah Warrior that described a series of five nodules embedded in the arms of the Warrior. He also reported that these nodules slowly dissolved over the course of several hours. These nodes are embedded just under the skin but after further autopsies he discovered a set of muscles that push the nodes to the surface of the skin.

Seeking to prevent the nodes from decaying so they could be studied, he placed them in a nutrient bath but they still decayed into masses of fibrous filaments. Thinking that they were now useless he dumped them in a trash can only to find that the fibers had spread through some discarded food that was in the can. However the fibers slowly degraded and would not grow anymore.

It wasn’t until later when he had fresh specimens to study that he discovered their real purpose. After three abortive attempts with larger and larger quantities of food, he finally saw the fibers grow into a more substantial form. The fibers consumed the food matter and began to take the form of a Lesser Seed (Chezbah Hound).

After this experimentation was published others have followed up in studying the nodes and have found that any biomass of sufficient size will grow the Lesser Seed. It would seem that these nodes are in fact the “seed” that grows into the Hound.

This would seem to explain why the Lesser Seed seem to appear or go with Warriors in groups of five. Each arm with five nodes can grow into five of the creatures. However, it has been found that the nodes can form more than a single creature if they have enough biomass. The seed will spread to the entire mass and produce many of the Lesser Seed from a single node but the mass must be all in one pile.

This seems to substantiate the Kelrath name “Dead Stealers” as Warriors may seed the dead with these nodes to create reinforcements.


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