The Artifact Game Master Screen

I’m proud to deliver the completed PDF of The Artifact RPG GM Screen. It’ll not only be useful in games, it was also a learning experience. For one, I realized that the system for the Artifact is a great deal simpler than I imagined because I was easily able to fit the all the information I regularly look up in the book. I also was able to fit information for rules that I regularly forget to use so let’s see if I can remember them with this in front of me.

Obviously the art has also been a learning experience. I’ve posted the progress on it. Although I’m not certain I’d give up illustration completely, painting digitally is going to become a big part of my art. I’ve tried to pick up how to do it in the past and wasn’t able. I’m not sure what made me able this time, but I’m glad it worked.

So here it is!

The Artifact GM Screen

You could print this out and then tape/glue the pages to cardboard or for a really polished screen there is the Savage Worlds customizable GM Screen (although it is a bit pricey). If you know a good way of making a nice looking screen, drop a comment in down below.

By the way, this is a little bit of a milestone, the blog has reached 101 posts!


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  1. Harry

    Woo very nice, thanks man! I think I may have that savage worlds customizable GM screen for this.

    • Loc

      I hope it’s a handy reference for you and inspires your players on their side. I think I’m going to make my own but I want to do it classy. If I come up with anything good, I’ll show how I did it.

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