The Noble Kingoo

When the youngin’s started handing me pictures and asking me to “put them in The Artifact” I wasn’t really sure what to do. Then I realized that I should post them. I figured I’d be making up stats and descriptions for what they were drawing. Then they started doing that for me too. Soon enough they’ll be taking over!

The Kingoo started off as a few drawings that Nimon (aka “by Kye) wanted me to include in the beasties on the planet. She was terribly disappointed that there were no native horses. Then she updated the Kingoo in this drawing.
These are the Talmarin breed of Kingoo.  With translucent skin and organs along with bright colors, the only creature from Earth that comes close in appearance are transparent fish. Their reproduction and plumes seem more birdlike than mammalian. An unusual animal to say the least, biologists are puzzled about how such a creature exists and expect to have to open up a new chapter in land vertebrate anatomy.

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