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My New Dice and A Contest!

I got my new dice in the mail a few days ago and I’ve been showing them off. I haven’t gotten to game with them yet though. Let me introduce my creation, the d20x5 and then I’ll show you the other dice I picked up. Stick around till the end to get in on a dice contest!
d20x5 95
d20x5 5
The d20x5 is my first foray into the custom dice world. A little wobbly, a little novice but all mine! Here is a die that can give me an approximately percentile experience wrapped in a d20. Just rolling this die feels comfortable to me. No diverging d10s to find as one rolls under the table, no “Which die is the tens?”, no finding one die of my favorite set and not finding the other.
d10 in a d10
I do have to admit that this big guy is pretty cool too. It’s a nice little package for rolling a d100. Everyone that rolls it intuitively says the outer shell is the tens place and the inner is the ones. That’s pretty cool.
stuck roll
It can be a little tricky though. Sometimes the inner die doesn’t quite land flat. That’s pretty easy to fix, a light tap settles the inner dice to the side you pretty much figure it would land on. It sometimes does take some craning of the neck to see past the outer number though. The sound of the shell dice is a bit odd to my ear but I’m getting used to it. It’s the little things.
All in all though, I’ll be using this dice pretty often.
Hit Location Die
I’m not sure why I got this hit location die other than it’s cool. It’s a fast way to pull up where something lands on a person. It eliminates looking up the location on a chart. It does however give you a 4 in 12 chance of hitting a hand or a foot. So 1 in 3 hits will strike the smallest segments of the body. We were talking about it and figured that it could make sense in hand to hand situations.
Fudge Dice
I also picked up some FUDGE dice. We have a new project that we’re going to use the FUDGE system for. I thought about using FATE but it has a lot of baggage like FATE points and compels that I don’t really need. Yeah, I know, with FATE Core and FATE Accelerated all the rage now it would be a popular choice but FUDGE is just more straightforward for what I want.
For You?
Now, the contest. Here’s where you come in. Come up with something cool to put on a d20. The sides of these puppies are small so I can only fit one to two characters on them. That means that if your die needs a cheat sheet to be used that’s okay. For instance Y could be a “yes” while Yb is “yes but”.

Come up with something cool, something that will fit on one of these puppies and I’ll do my best to make that die. I’m not using a laser to etch the die, don’t expect perfection but I should be able to produce usable and legible.

Write up your submission in the comments below or if you’re super secret, you can email your super secret submission to

You’ll be judged based on the following criteria.

Does it fit on a d20? That’s an important one.
How universal is this concept? Could everyone enjoy this die?
How revolutionary is this concept? Does it blow us away?
Does it solve a practical need?

Winner get’s me hacking at a poor white die twenty to make that will get mailed to your (the winner’s) address and a copy of The Artifact third edition.

2nd place gets me making their die with the same novice skill and mailing it to your (the 2nd place winner’s) address.

Contest ends September 30th. Judging ends and winners announced Friday October 4.

Do you have what it takes? What does it take? I guess we’ll find out October 4th!


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Lego Kerdi

My son wanted to make a Lego play set of our recent game. I’m not entirely sure we have enough Legos to make two of these. He finished this black and grey one and a white and grey one is under construction.

I have to say, he did a great job!

An overhead view.

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Ambient Music For RPGs

Some years ago I tried to add atmosphere to my games by playing music. I ran into a few problems. Since an RPG usually takes 1-4+ hours to play, you need to either loop a tract, or have a massive mood music playlist. Both approaches have problems. Looping a tract that many times can get on your nerves and a playlist takes time to put together and the problem of a rogue song hitting at a time that you don’t want it to.

When you get a rogue song, the volume is too low to really hear in some parts and then comes crashing in with a loud crescendo and you have to go adjust the volume. This breaks immersion and can get really annoying after a bit.

So you have to have exactly the right music. No huge swings of volume, tracks that are hard to tell they’re being looped and you have to have a lot of it.

So I gave up.

Then one day a gentleman strolled in and said “I have the solution to your problem!” and stood like a superman with his hands on his hips.* He had took the time to not only identify the problems that I had run into, he actually had the musical talent to do something about it. Who was this masked marvel?# It was Joachim Heise!

Joachim (aka Rubbermancer) had put together ambient soundscapes specifically for RPGs and he graciously offered to make some for The Artifact. After getting some ideas about general moods that are dominant in the game he went to work and produced two scores. One for the quiet and cold underground of the planet, good for travel or survival situations and one for when the plasma starts flying and things heat up.

The Artifact Low Energy

The Artifact Conflict

These are long tracks so the file sizes are a bit larger than you might expect. The low energy track is 50 Megs and conflict is 16 Megs so they may take a moment to download. If you have a problem with the files opening in your browser instead of downloading (happens on Macs) right click the link and choose Download Linked File.

So thanks to Joachim for giving The Artifact a soundtrack!

If you want more soundscapes for your RPGs, Joachim is no slouch, he’s got you covered at his site on soundcloud/rpgambience (Now Absolution Ceramic). And he has a blog Rubbermancer.

*Not literally.

#Joachim may or may not show up at your door with a mask on. Marvel if he does.


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Incan Mecha?

I love this picture. It makes me think of Incan or Mayan artwork.

This is another one by Bathron (age 8).


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The Noble Kingoo

When the youngin’s started handing me pictures and asking me to “put them in The Artifact” I wasn’t really sure what to do. Then I realized that I should post them. I figured I’d be making up stats and descriptions for what they were drawing. Then they started doing that for me too. Soon enough they’ll be taking over!

The Kingoo started off as a few drawings that Nimon (aka “by Kye) wanted me to include in the beasties on the planet. She was terribly disappointed that there were no native horses. Then she updated the Kingoo in this drawing.
These are the Talmarin breed of Kingoo.  With translucent skin and organs along with bright colors, the only creature from Earth that comes close in appearance are transparent fish. Their reproduction and plumes seem more birdlike than mammalian. An unusual animal to say the least, biologists are puzzled about how such a creature exists and expect to have to open up a new chapter in land vertebrate anatomy.

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My Biggest Fan

My son has been asking to add his drawings to The Artifact. He’s 8 and showing a lot of talent. I thought of removing what he had written and type it out in the standard vehicle format but that would take away the impression of how much thought he put into it.

Here at Store32 we usually post with our first character’s name so this is Bathron’s E-Suit. I have four from Bathron, and two from Neamon to post and there will most definitely be more after they see that I posted this. I hope you enjoy!

I think I need to teach Bathron the metric system though to bring it in sync with the book formats. 😛


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