My Biggest Fan

My son has been asking to add his drawings to The Artifact. He’s 8 and showing a lot of talent. I thought of removing what he had written and type it out in the standard vehicle format but that would take away the impression of how much thought he put into it.

Here at Store32 we usually post with our first character’s name so this is Bathron’s E-Suit. I have four from Bathron, and two from Neamon to post and there will most definitely be more after they see that I posted this. I hope you enjoy!

I think I need to teach Bathron the metric system though to bring it in sync with the book formats. πŸ˜›


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  1. Your son is helping out on your world building? Okay, you can definitely be proud of him! And yeah good job on the drawing, he probably draws better people than I. πŸ™‚

    • Loc

      I think he inherited world building from me! He’s working on his own comics and has his own aliens that he makes. Most are of the Godzilla or Giant Robot variety. He’s his father’s son!

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