The Puppet Glove

I’ve wanted to make a Chezbah sourcebook for a while now because there’s so much left unsaid about them. The Kelrath have some material written about them in the Player’s Handbook and they’re getting more in Tortuga (which may be near done). So to start things off, I want to explain a picture I’ve used on the GM Advice posts.

Chezbah Puppet Glove

This nanotech device is used by Priests or Warriors for self defense and intimidation. It’s unclear if other Chezbah can use them but it may be possible that pilots or other conscripts would also be able to use the Puppet Glove. The device starts off as a large black ampule shaped like an egg. The device is inert in this form and can be carried until needed. To activate, the ampule is crushed in the hand. The ampule is able to detect the touch of the hand and will not easily break until it is held in the hand.

Once activated, the material inside foams up and around the hand. The foam is a delivery device that greatly expands the size of the material. Carbon nanotube muscles lace themselves around the hand covering it and artificial muscles and bones grow in under 10 seconds (1 turn). The fingers of the glove end in razor sharp claws. These muscles have great strength. When the user flexes their fingers the glove reacts in a similar way as the fingers would move.

The puppet glove uses chemical energy as fuel and is disposable, breaking down after five minutes of use.

Puppet Glove Stats
Claw Damage: 15
Glove STR: 80
Crush Damage: 10 (must break the hold of the glove to escape with STR)
Climb Skill +10

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