Basics – Winning

He's angry!This card is probably going to have the most head scratching associated with it because I get into some very basic play mechanics. Next in the Basics series, the Winning card.


You win by working together with the other players to beat a situation that the Game Master presents. It can be almost anything so it’s exciting to find out what it will be. Because you’re working with the other players, you get to connect with them and be a team so most of the time they’ll be helping you win. It’s challenging, social and fun.

At times the Game Master will feel that your character can’t automatically do a task and that the character will have to pass a skill roll. The roll is compared against your character’s abilities. To pass a roll, you roll two different colored ten sided die (sides are numbered 0-9). The dice are not added together, they are the tens and ones place of a number between 1 and 100 (00 is considered 100). If one die has tens place numbers on it that is the tens or the darker colored die is the ten’s place. If the number on the dice you roll is lower than the character’s attribute and any one skill the Game Master says you can add, you’ve passed and your character can carry out the task.

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