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He's angry!Wednesday I posted about trying to ease a new player into a new game or setting by giving them the basics on a few 3×5 cards so they don’t get overwhelmed. I figured I’d post my 3×5 card text here starting with the ‘Setting’ card. This would be different for each game and could even be different for each campaign. Mine here is generic for The Artifact RPG.


Earth is in trouble and humanity’s only option is a strange manufactured planet. While the builders of this huge planet seem to have abandoned it, there are already humans living there when Earth forces arrive, and most of them are not friendly.

This Science Fiction setting pulls it’s tone from the ideas of colonization of the 15th to 19th century but updated to a near future setting. The game is intended to play slightly to the heroic side of realism, meaning that the characters are regular humans but the system allows them to be slightly larger than life.

The majority of the action is under the surface of the planet in gigantic structures. Dinosaur like animals roam the planet. Technology in game includes teleportation, piloted robots called Environmental Suits or commonly E-Suits, nanotech augmented humans, anti-gravity engines and plenty more.

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