Report regarding”strange behavior”of native Fauna on the Artifact.

…”In a strange twist of events immediately following the attack of the 236 recon platoon, with which we are imbedded, by these so called “Chesbah hounds”, many of us were shocked to see the behavior that followed. It seemed despite the loss of nearly 20 of their numbers, the surviving hounds seemed completely overcome by curiosity! We were even able to capture images of such strange behavior… well take for example; one private found an injured hound trying to unlock the combination lock on his trunk. What’s stranger still is that the trunk had already been broken open. We found another seemingly uninjured creature opening and closing the door on one of the transports, utterly terrifying the driver of the vehicle for more than an hour.It truly seems that just what we do encounter is just as alien to us as we are to them…”Kirt Axelburg, AP(Associated Press)

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