Anywhere man goes, he’s likely to take dogs along with him. That includes other planets so characters on The Artifact would likely run into or have dogs available. While Earthers are conditioned by exposure to not be afraid of dogs, natives to The Artifact have no exposure to them normally. To them a dog is a frightening creature. This is even more so if their only impression of them is a working dog. Compounding that further is the Earther’s likening Brouragh to “Hounds” and a pack of dogs reacting similar to Seeter.

Here are stats for a medium to large work dog like a german shepherd.

Species Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
Hight – 60 cm
Mass – 40 kg

STR 20
CON 30
REF 45
CHA 50
INT 75
IQ 15
AGI 50
BTY 30
PSY 40
DEX – 10
HP – 7

Diet – Carnivore
Attacks 3
Damage: Bite 3
Defenses: None
Running speed: 65 kph

Special Abilities

Keen Smell: The dog has one of the more sensitive noses in the animal kingdom. Because of this they can sense people, other animals and chemicals they have be trained to detect, even in total darkness. Range Class: C

Habitat – Domestic
Numbers – 1-20

Sentry Dogs
Command Skill-IQ +30
Protect Area-Int +20

Worked on a short leash and were taught to give warning by growling, alerting or barking. They are especially valuable for working in the dark when attack from cover or the rear was most likely. The sentry dog was taught to go with a military or civilian guard on patrol and gave him warning of the approach or presence of strangers within the area protected.

Scout or Patrol Dogs
Command Skill-IQ +30
Protect Area-Int +20
Detect Ambush-Int +20

In addition to the skills listed for sentry dogs, scout/patrol dogs were trained to work in silence to aid in the detection of snipers, ambushes and other enemy forces in a particular locality.
The scout dog and his Quartermaster handler normally walk point on combat patrols, well in front of the infantry patrol. Scout dogs could often detect the presence of the enemy at distances up to 1,000 yards, long before men became aware of them. When a scout dog alerted to the enemy it would stiffen its body, raise its hackles, pricking his ears and holding its tail rigid. The presence of the dogs with patrols greatly lessens the danger of ambush and tended to boost the morale of the soldiers.
Scout Dogs are often most effective in close quarters and are less suited for open terrain.

Drug/Bomb Detecting Dogs
Command Skill-IQ +30
Chemical Detection-Int +20

Both types of dog are used to find traces of chemicals found in drugs or explosives that have been hidden or even buried.

Canine Flak Jacket

Only protects the vitals on the body of the dog. Most dogs will not tolerate bulkier armor.
AR 8
HP 5
Cost: 15,000 Yen

Remote Command and Monitor

A camera and microphone allows the trainer to see and hear what is going on around the dog. An around the ear speaker allows the trainer to speak commands that only the dog will hear.
Cost: 20,000 Yen

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