Space Time Warp Hole

Report by: Major Jacob Kibler

Position: 4th Special Sciences Division Commander

Assigned Objective: Investigate Space Time Warp

Purpose of Mission: Evaluate the connection between Array structures and space time distortions

Progress Report: Our second expeditionary team has gone missing. So far all attempts to contact them has failed. I am putting a stop to manned missions because one of our engineers has been able to put together several autonomous probes. Dr. Largo has devised a device he is calling a warp gauge that we will be installing on some of the probes. With this device Dr. Largo hopes the probes will be able to navigate into the hole and back out again. Radio telemetry is unreliable in the warp hole so the probes will record their sensor data to be reviewed by the scientists when they return.

The first team brought back evidence that the Kelrath have been in the hole at one time in the distant past. Before disappearing the second expeditionary team reported finding evidence that the warp hole is inhabited by someone but were unable to report who they had encountered.

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