Observation of Chezbah Fortress

Report by: Lieutenant Allen Hughes

Position: 75th Platoon Commander

Assigned Objective: Observation of Chezbah Fortress

Purpose of Mission: Determine the purpose of and technology in use in the structure designated “Chezbah Fortress”.

Progress Report: The Fortress appears to use a technology similar to the “Dark Tiles” commonly used by the Scimrahn. Our Scientist speculates that the Chezbah must understand how the tiles work and have either augmented their effect or have been able to replicate it. We have observed an estimated 400 metric tons of materials delivered to the “doorway” of the facility. This would point to the interior dimension being far larger than the one generated by Dark Tiles. Also the ability to open a aperture between dimensions is something never before seen with Dark Tiles.From what we have been able to observe, there is some kind of structure inside. We have taken some video of it and will return along with it. Without a forcible entry there is no way to observe more from the outside.

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