Spraying Shots 4e

Something I haven’t figured out yet for weapons is the effect that firing a lot of shots ought to increase your chances of hitting a target. I tried to figure this out in previous editions but never found an effect that I thought was proper.

The things you can buy with a successful roll, I’m starting to call stunts. I may change that up later but at the moment we’ve been debating the half damage stunt and it’s effect. I’ve been going back and fourth on if it applies to burst firing weapons. If it does, can you use it to count a target hit? I’m starting to think it should after all even with a beam weapon, it should mean that it’s at least possible to use a reduced dwell time to find the target. Why would that not be the case with a burst weapon?

So I’m thinking I need to re-write the stunt again to add this as a possibility.


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  1. brainwipe

    Love the idea of “stunts” that can be bought to enhance the narrative. Don’t make them too expensive, tho!

    • Loc

      The stunts are mostly things that were in 3rd ed but in different forms. Giving them a name and unifying how they work in combat is mostly cleaning up the design and an attempt to reduce complexity.

      Most stunts cost one success but the half damage stunt gives you a success back. It’s going to replace the effect of the hit locations that did half and quarter damage. (Arms and Legs are currently half damage and feet and hands are quarter damage.) It’s also intended to partly eliminate the roll on the hit location chart as the defender picks a hit location.

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