Tortuga – Game Setting

An example of a Titan

We are working on a sourcebook with a production name of Tortuga to give civilian and corporate characters more options. It will include what was originally going to be the Titans source book along with a lot more treasure hunting ideas. The goal here is to flesh out some ideas that are in the game book and things that are slated for future sourcebooks with more of a backstory that can be explored by the Scimrahn Civilian, Colonists or Corporate characters before the meta story is completed.

Other ideas are to include more high tech equipment from Earth that advanced characters will be looking for. Tortuga has been rolling along slowly but already the ideas that are going into it are changing our games.

We weren’t sure for a while if the title “Tortuga” was going to stick as the finished title of the book. The sourcebook is going to include a setting for Corporate characters to operate out of with a code name of Tortuga. There are a few other minor settings that I’ve already written, and those will stay, but the focus is going to be this main base of operation.

Other than this main setting, I need to work on more equipment and pictures. I’m also looking at some new core rules because some of the native tech in this book is a flavor of where the rest of the game is going.

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