Imbalance of Power

I just got my new art tablet working. I have a big backlog of art to do and in amongst that backlog is the art for The Artifact’s last sourcebook Imbalance of Power. This is a chronological sourcebook rather than location-based. It’s events happen five years after the initial arrival on The Artifact and things are really changing.

The biggest hurdle I’ve had with this sourcebook is core to the story. In the quickstart The Warp and scattered in other sourcebooks and the website are hints to what’s happening in this book, but I’ve struggled with getting the feel just right.

As far as art, I’ve had the book fully illustrated for a long time now. Only the art looks dated now, so I have to redo a lot of it. I’ve been frustrated with my old art tablet, it works, but not well. It made drawing a frustrating process. This new tablet is much easier and I’m feeling like drawing again.

So watch this space, a new sourcebook might be on the way in the next few months.


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  1. Hey man! Long time no see! Its me Harry! Dude its been like… WAAAY to long. Its awesome to see you still kicking with the Artifact! What an amazing project you have completed. I’ve finally got a gaming group going again. Sweet huh? I will absolutely be introducing the the Artifact very soon. Lehmar actually wants to play again. We were just talking the other day of that awesome gaming session we had with you on Skype years ago. So fun~

    At this point we have been playing Harn. Its basically just a medieval RPG with no magic. Its pretty fun (if not super complicated lol).

    But I think everyone is starting to have a Sci Fi itch, so Artifact will be fun also.

    I’ve missed like a million updates on here. I think I have some reading to do haha.

    • Loc

      Good to hear from you! We never finished that game, I always felt bad about that. If you’re looking for some games to play, I’ve got some prototypes that I’m currently working on the art for. I’ve played them with my group, but I’d love to have a GM that’s never seen them take a look and see what you make of them. Do you still have the same email address?

  2. Haha dude just for good ol times sake we should have a Skype session. Me and LJ will be happy players (I never get to be a player anymore lol).

    In any case I would love to take a look at those prototypes! We usually game every other week or so, so I’ll incorporate them in to my gaming sessions. ^^ Yeah man I’ve got the same email.

    • Loc

      Awesome! The links have been sent via email. Can’t wait to hear what you make of them.

      And yes, we should definitely do another session!

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