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I’ve been working on The Imbalance for a very long time. Ever since 2011 I’ve been stuck on the 15th chapter titled Calling on the Memory of a Friend. I couldn’t write it in a way that satisfied me at all. Since then I’ve played a game that started to explore the places Onix would have to go. I think I may be moving too fast in the chapter, but the overall feel is right.

Chapter 15 – Calling On The Memory of A Friend



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  1. David Peters

    I have a question about the economy version of The Artifact, are the illustrations from the color in there except they in black and white?

    • Loc

      Yes, the book is the same as the PDF file but black and white (or rather greyscale). Some pictures are a little washed out but the vast majority translate very well to black and white.

  2. David Peters

    Ok thank you and do have plans to write more material for The Artifact?

    • Loc

      Yes, there’s one more sourcebook that I’ve been trying to write for nineteen or twenty years. It’s the first sourcebook that I started on for the game but it’s really important since it steps forward the story. The novel is leading up to the events of that sourcebook. After that, The Artifact is done. . . but that’s when the sequel game kicks in and we meet the makers of the planet.

  3. I enjoyed reading this. Is there going to be a dead tree version at some point?

    • Loc

      A dead tree version would be easy to do. Getting the book done will be a challenge. I’d like one for my shelf at the very least!

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